How do I connect my payroll to my Brex?

To connect your payroll provider for ACH debits and reverse wires, you’ll need to connect directly in your Brex dashboard by following the steps below:

Step 1: Click Accounts > Business accounts. Select the account you’d like to set up payroll for, and click Account Settings > Settings > Manage under Payroll connection.

Step 2: Select your payroll provider from the dropdown menu. If you don’t see it on the list, you can type it in manually.

Step 3: Select whether you’d like to connect via ACH debit or reverse wires and follow the instructions in the applicable section below.

Reverse wires

Step 4: To use your payroll connection for reverse wires, get started by following the instructions in your Brex dashboard.

Step 5: After verifying your information, enter your provider’s information and authorize the payment in your dashboard.

Step 6: Finalize the process by logging into your provider’s portal and connecting your payroll provider through your provider’s instructions.

ACH debit

Step 7: Connect directly with your payroll provider using your account and routing number. You can find these in Accounts > Business accounts > [Brex business account name] > Account information.

Here are ACH debit instructions for several common payroll providers:

  • Adip

  • Alcott HR

  • Blue Marble Payroll

  • Deel

  • Gusto

  • Justworks

  • Quickbooks Payroll

  • Trinet

  • Zenefits

If you don’t see your payroll provider in the list above, you can find instructions in your provider’s help center. You can either enable ACH debits from all counterparties or add your payroll provider to your list of trusted counterparties.

Step 8: Check to make sure that you can successfully transfer funds to or from your payroll provider.

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