Brex credit limits on net 60-day statements

Net 60-day statements (grandfathered accounts only)

Brex previously offered cards with net 60-day payments to certain customers. Grandfathered accounts may maintain their net 60-day statement periods, but otherwise, Brex no longer supports net 60-day payments. Read about monthly or daily payments.

Connected bank underwriting

Your credit limit is based on our estimation of your revenue. We calculate this by analyzing sales data from bank accounts, sales platforms like Amazon and Shopify, or quarterly financial statements. From connected bank transaction details, we estimate your revenue and then calculate your limit as a percentage of that estimated revenue. We do this with our internal credit models, which use information from both your bank transactions activity and third-party business credit reports.


  • As your estimated monthly revenue changes from your connected accounts and/or ecommerce sales platforms such as Amazon or Shopify, so does your limit.

  • When we use ecommerce sales platforms to underwrite, we still require a bank connection to ensure your company has adequate cash balances to support repayment.

  • We can also consider financial statements such as your P&L (profit and loss) and balance sheet when underwriting your account. This form of underwriting requires higher minimum sales and cash balances.

Exceptions to connected bank underwriting: Statements

All Brex customers are required to connect a bank account through Finicity or Plaid so we can estimate your revenue. In the rare case where a bank connection is not possible, Brex may agree to waive this requirement and accept monthly bank statements in lieu of an account connection. We'll proactively email you at the beginning of each month to collect your previous month’s statement(s) so your limit is always reflective of your most recent month’s cash balance.

This underwriting option also features all of the highlights above.

Brex business accounts

For customers who were approved for net 60-day statements (in addition to a Brex business account), your limit will be calculated based on your revenue only, as described above. The Brex business account can still be used as a bank account replacement.

Credit limits are calculated in part by Brex’s ongoing account-specific determination of risk. These credit limits are subject to change at any time at our sole discretion in accordance with our rights outlined in the Platform Agreement.

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