Brex credit limits on monthly payments

Connected bank underwriting

Brex uses either Finicity or Plaid to connect to your bank accounts so we can view account transactions and balances. We have two options to support as many customers and banks as possible.

Your card's credit limit is directly related to the cash balance in your connected bank account. We may also consider your rolling 30 day average balance. As those balances fluctuate, so may your limit.


  • The best way to maintain a stable credit limit is to maintain a stable cash balance in the account(s) you connect to Brex. Drastic or consistent decreases in connected account balances will result in lower limits, potentially as low as $0 in some circumstances.

  • Account admins and card admins can update bank connections or add new ones from the dashboard. Finicity and Plaid support many bank accounts, but there are still some that are unsupported.

  • Opening a Brex business account is another way to increase your credit limit because it gives us the ability to assign a limit without relying on external bank connections or monthly statement uploads, as described below.

Note: Brex will assign you a credit limit based on the total cash balance we have visibility into. If you maintain cash at multiple financial institutions that cannot be connected with Finicity or Plaid, it’s important that you provide Brex with statements for each account so we can give you the highest limit possible. If you're unable to connect your bank through your dashboard, you can upload monthly statements for additional accounts through this secure file uploader (your 2 most recent monthly statements are required).

Exceptions to connected bank underwriting


All Brex customers are required to connect a bank account through Finicity or Plaid. In the rare case where a connection through Finicity or Plaid is not possible, Brex may agree to waive this requirement and accept bank statements in lieu of an account connection. We'll proactively email you at the beginning of each month to collect your previous month’s statement(s) so your limit is reflective of your most recent month’s cash balance.


  • Similar to connected-bank underwriting, Brex uses bank statements to access your cash balance and transaction history and assign you a credit limit that is directly related to the cash balance stated on your statement.

  • We have a few requirements for “acceptable” statements:

  • Bank statements must be submitted each month.

  • Statements must be official bank PDFs; no screenshots or scanned copies will be accepted.

  • Two full months of statements are required each time a new account is introduced.

Please read What is statement underwriting? for more information.

Brex business account + monthly payments

Customers approved for a Brex card with monthly payments, along with a Brex business account, will receive a credit limit calculated by assessing your connected bank balance and/or statements or your Brex business account balance. You can receive a credit limit of up to 20% of your external bank's cash balance or up to 30% of your Brex business account balance. These percentages are subject to change dependent on Brex’s determination of risk.

Credit limits are calculated in part by Brex’s ongoing account-specific determination of risk. These credit limits are subject to change at any time at our sole discretion in accordance with our rights outlined in the Platform Agreement.

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