How does having a Brex business account affect my credit limit?

Having a Brex business account, and the balance in that account, will play a role in determining the overall credit limit associated with your Brex card account — whether you have a Brex card with daily payments or monthly payments.

  • Daily payments: Limits are up to 100% of your primary Brex business account balance. Payment is due every day and is automatically pulled at the end of your statement period.

  • Monthly payments: Limits can be increased by up to 30% of your Brex business account balance–or aggregate balance of your multiple Brex business accounts–when you add a Brex business account. Payment is due each month.

Here are some other relevant resources about daily vs monthly payments:


Credit limits are calculated in part by Brex’s ongoing account-specific determination of risk. These credit limits are subject to change at any time at our sole discretion in accordance with our rights outlined in the Platform Agreement.

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