Expert panel:
How finance teams are
increasing the speed
of business

Jun 08, 2022, 21 min read

Jun 08, 2022


21 min read

A culture of trust and financial discipline can replace — and outperform — the old command-and-control model.

To understand how controllers are unblocking teams and unlocking smarter spending, we hosted a live event with finance leaders Tiffany Miller (Orangetheory Fitness) and Arlene Barbieri (Medicinal Genomics). Led by our own Erica Dorfman, the expert panel shared tips for:

  • Driving smarter decisions and greater efficiency across all teams
  • Increasing business velocity to accelerate growth worldwide
  • Using Brex Empower to move money fast for instant impact

Ready to learn from the experts, experience Empower, and scale faster than ever? Watch the replay here to get caught up in no time:


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