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Why business travel will never be the same.

Two distinguished leaders in T&E share their vision for fixing corporate travel.


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September 2023

How to manage spend on a global scale

Learn how Brex’s unified spend platform drives efficiency across all of Signifyd’s global entities.

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August 2023

The State of U.S. Early-Stage Venture & Startups: 2Q23

This webinar offers timely insight into how capital flowed into and out of startups in Q2 ‘23 - and how that compares to trends in prior quarters.

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August 2023

How leading companies gain control over their spend

Three finance leaders share their top tips for controlling spend efficiently and globally with a unified, automated approach.


July 2023

Building budgets that scale

Join Yasmin Siddiqui, SVP of Finance at Made by Nacho, to hear how the hyper-growth (and celeb-studded) cat food brand is teaming up with Brex to build budgets that scale up at lightning speed.

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June 2023

How Deel and Brex help global workforces with their financial operations

In this roundtable, Brex and Deel come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities around using an integrated financial tech stack.

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May 2023

How leading companies gain control over their spend

Three Brex customers join our very own CPO for a discussion about how the Empower platform lets them see their spend in a new way.


April 2023

Why business travel will never be the same

Two distinguished leaders in T&E share their vision for fixing corporate travel.

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March 2023

Navigating Cash Management Strategies in Uncertain Times

Learn how Brex business account is safer than traditional banks.


March 2023

Using technology to make life easier for Controllers

Two accounting leaders explain how they lighten their load through people, processes and systems.

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January 2023

Financial plan in action - Top 3 ways to meet your 2023 goals

Discover how to meet your goals by joining our webinar discussion about how Brex executes and measures its own financial plan.


December 2022

Planning for 2023: How finance leaders can drive growth and financial discipline

The CFOs of two high-growth companies discuss strategies for long-term growth.


December 2022

Spend limits IRL: How Scale AI transformed their expense management

Brex Empower reverses the order of approvals, allowing finance to control spend before it happens while giving employees the spending power they need to be effective.


June 2022

How finance teams are increasing the speed of business

Orangetheory Fitness and Medicinal Genomics share how they’re leveraging Brex Empower to accelerate growth


March 2022

How to use customer feedback to improve your product

Is the customer always right? This session covers how to collect, analyze, and implement customer feedback


February 2022

Building a product vs. building a company

Brex CEO Henrique Dubugras and Harry Stebbings, podcast host of ‘The Twenty Minute VC,’ talk about what it takes to build a successful product and team.

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Empower Background

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