Where can I send a global reimbursement?

You can send reimbursements to any employees with a connected bank account from any of the following countries:

Note: This list is ever evolving and is subject to change. For the complete list, please view the currency dropdown when requesting a reimbursement.

  • United States (USD)

  • Canada (CAD)

  • India (INR)

  • Japan (JPY)

  • United Kingdom (GBP)

  • Australia (AUD)

  • Singapore (SGD)

  • New Zealand (NZD)

  • Brazil (BRL)

  • Israel (ILS)

  • Mexico (MXN)

  • Poland (PLN)

  • Switzerland (CHF)

  • Cayman Islands (USD)

  • Ireland (EUR)

  • France (EUR)

  • Germany (EUR)

  • Netherlands (EUR)

  • Philippines (PHP)

  • Hungary (HUF)

  • South Africa (ZAR)

  • Romania (RON)

Please keep in mind that some currencies have minimum and maximum requirements. Since these limitations are put in place by Brex’s global money movement partners, they cannot be circumvented.

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