What types of bank accounts can I connect to Brex?

In your Brex dashboard, you can link one or more bank accounts to fund your Brex business account or use for reimbursements. To ensure a successful bank connection, make sure the account you’re connecting to is a US depository account — either a business or consumer bank account — and that it meets the following qualifications.

Note: These requirements are not applicable if you’re trying to connect a personal bank account for repayment purposes.

If you have a business bank account, the business name of the bank account needs to match with the DBA name on your Brex profile OR that of a parent company / subsidiary with an active Brex account.

If you have a consumer bank account, the owner of the bank accounts needs to match with one of the business owners of the Brex entity OR the business owner of a parent company with an active Brex account.

If you’re making monthly payments, and intend to connect your bank account for underwriting purposes, there are a separate set of qualifications that the account must meet to be used for limit underwriting. For more information, read What type of bank accounts can I use for underwriting?.

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