Transactions & payments

  • Expense categories

    Whenever you or your teammates use your Brex card, the transaction will generate a card expense on your Brex account. To add clarity to these expenses, they’ll be assigned a merchant category — one of 48 different business categorizations reflective of the vendor’s industry.

  • How do I cancel my dispute?

    If you discover that the transaction you disputed is not fraudulent, please cancel the dispute by following the steps below. Step 1: Under Card, select Transactions. Step 2: Click the transaction with the dispute you would like to cancel.

  • What is a pending transaction?

    A pending transaction is a charge that Brex has approved, but the merchant’s system hasn’t yet cleared. It will generally process within 2 days, but depending on the merchant, it can take up to 30.

  • Why is my memo/receipt duplicating on other transactions?

    Occasionally, if you have multiple transactions with the same vendor, uploading a receipt or memo to one of these transactions will cause it to duplicate to others from that vendor. This happens whenever the merchant reuses a single authorization code across multiple transactions.Even if it looks to be a completely

  • How do I add VAT information to a transaction?

    Provided you have Value-Added Tax (VAT) enabled on your account, you can add VAT information to transactions to be exported to your accounting integration. If you don’t already have VAT enabled, click here.

  • How do I allow transactions from a merchant?

    If you notice that transactions with a certain merchant are being repeatedly denied, we have the option to add the merchant to an “allowlist”. This will only help transactions go through under the following conditions: The merchant’s industry is allowed by Brex.

  • What currencies does Brex support?

    Brex card Brex operates in USD, but that doesn’t prevent you from using your Brex card when making foreign transactions. When you transact in a different currency, we use Mastercard foreign exchange rates to calculate the US dollar amount of your purchase.

  • Where can’t I transact with my Brex card?

    Certain vendors Brex card transactions will be declined at businesses related to prohibited activities noted in our Platform Agreement, including weapons, marijuana and cannabis, illegal services, etc. If you have any questions or concerns, please chat with us.

  • Are physical Brex cards contactless?

    We do have contactless cards available, though not all physical Brex cards come with a contactless capability. You can tell if your card has this functionality by checking for this icon on the back of the card.

  • How do refunds work?

    Once a merchant has issued you a refund, a credit will show in your Brex account within 30 business days. For all refunded transactions made with your Brex card, your refund will be credited to your Brex card balance.

  • What are flagged expenses?

    Guided reviews leverage Brex AI and allow account and card admins to easily find expenses that should have a closer inspection before approving. These expenses will be flagged in both your dashboard's Expenses page and Inbox > Team.

  • How do the current sanctions on Russia impact my Brex account?

    Current status As of March 6, 2022 at 9am PT/7pm EET: The US government has responded to Russian military actions in Ukraine with a set of sanctions against Russia. These new laws apply to all US persons and companies, including Brex. Additionally, Visa and Mastercard have released their own restrictions.

  • How do I check the status of my dispute?

    Brex will send email updates regarding the status of your dispute. You can also check the status of your dispute from your Brex dashboard. Step 1: Click Card and select the transaction you want to view the status of.

  • How do I itemize my expense?

    To better manage you and your employees’ spend, you can split a single expense into individual line items and attribute each line item to a different budget. Following this, each budget's expense policy and rules will be automatically applied.

  • How do I attach receipts to Brex transactions?

    Brex makes it easy to track receipts with automatic receipt matching technology. There are four options to attach receipts to transactions made with your Brex card. Via the dashboard Step 1: Click Card on the left side of your Brex dashboard.

  • How do I pay my balance?

    On your due date, which typically is at the end of each statement cycle, we'll automatically initiate an ACH transfer from your primary funding source to pay your outstanding balance. To ensure on-time payments, please keep your autopay account details up to date.

  • How do I cancel a transaction?

    Once you've completed a transaction with your Brex card, you won't be able to cancel the transaction. If you placed the transaction in error, please reach out to your account or card admin. If you were charged wrongfully, please reach out to the merchant directly to request a refund.

  • Can I change my statement period?

    Your company’s statement period will begin on the day of the month that your card account gets approved. If your account approval date was on May 7, for example, your statement period will run from the 7th to the 7th of every month.

  • How can I ensure successful payments to Brex?

    At the end of each statement cycle, we'll automatically initiate an ACH transfer from your primary funding source to pay your outstanding balance. It's important that the payment is successful so that your credit limit is unaffected. Below are a few tips on how to plan for your upcoming payment(s).

  • Why did my payment to Brex fail?

    Payments can fail for a variety of reasons. Please read over some of the most common ones below to find a solution and try again! Not authorized This occurs when Brex is restricted by a bank account.

  • Does Brex hold deposits and payments?

    Brex itself generally does not hold deposits or payments, except in special circumstances. However, payments can be held by one of the processing banks involved in the transfer. When this happens, it’s usually due to incorrect or missing information.

  • How do I view the details of my transaction?

    You can view the details for all processing and cleared transactions on your Brex dashboard. To do so, follow these steps. Step 1: Click Transactions under the Card or Cash tab, depending on whether you want the details of a card transaction or a transfer.

  • How do I manage the autopay account for Brex card payments?

    An account or card admin will need to choose a bank account to use for card payments during account setup. Payments will be made automatically at the end of your statement cycle, or the next business day when the date falls on a weekend.

  • How do Brex statement periods work?

    Brex will automatically initiate payment for your statement balance via ACH on the last day of your statement period, which is visible at the top of the Statements page of your Brex dashboard. Note: This process happens automatically when your statement is due and can’t be turned off.

  • What are micro-deposits / trial deposits?

    Micro-deposits and trial deposits are both terms that are used to describe small deposits that are credited to a bank or money management account to make sure there’s an established connection.

  • Can I set a deadline to submit and review documentation?

    Documentation deadline Account and card admins can set a documentation deadline to ensure that employees add receipts, memos, and other documentation to their expenses. This gives the employee a fixed number of days to upload documentation, starting from the day they receive the finalized receipt.

  • Can I delay my statement payment to Brex?

    Your Brex payment cannot be delayed and is due in full at the end of your statement period. If you believe that your payment to Brex will be late for any reason, please read this article for more information: How does building business credit work when I use Brex?.

  • Compliance rating

    When creating budgets for your team, you can set certain parameters for the spending that occurs within those budgets, like requiring specific documentation for a transaction. Depending on the situation, you might want to prevent card expenses that break these rules from being tied to the budget altogether.

  • What are the Brex merchant categories?

    Here’s a complete list of all of the merchant categories that Brex uses: Advertising/marketing Airline expense Bank / financial fees Bars and nightlife Books and newspapers Car rental Charity Clothing Conferences Consultant/contractor Corporate insurance Digital goods Electronics Event expenses Facilities expenses Fees, licenses, and taxes Flowers Food delivery Furniture Gambling

  • What is 3D Secure (3DS)?

    3D Secure is an additional layer of security for online credit card transactions used by card networks, meant to reduce the risk of fraud. Many regions of the world support 3DS to comply with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) mandates. All Brex cards are compatible with 3DS protection globally.

  • How do I pull transaction reports?

    In addition to the card statements you receive every statement period, you can also generate a custom transaction report at any time. This report includes all transactions  — either on a single card or for your entire account — within the date range that you specify.

  • Do I need to alert Brex about my travel plans?

    No need! We understand that operating a business can take you around the globe–and in fact, we expect it to.. That’s why we’ve designed Brex cards to be used from anywhere, without the need to inform us of your plans.  Your transactions won’t be blocked just because it’s taking place

  • How do I create, assign, and delete legal entities?

    Legal entities are a type of classification that can be assigned to user profiles within your Brex account. These legal entities can be exported along with transaction data to your ERP system with Brex Empower. Account and card admins can create legal entities by following these steps.

  • When does Brex post a transaction to my dashboard?

    Transactions post to your Brex dashboard almost instantaneously. The transaction will initially be marked as Pending and greyed out, but will move to the Processed section once it has cleared, usually within seven business days later.

  • How do I add or edit a transaction’s memo?

    You can add a memo to a transaction in both the Brex dashboard or mobile app. Memos will be exported to QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, or Expensify if the memo was added prior to exporting. Please reference the relevant section below to either add or edit a memo.

  • How do I export statements from Brex?

    As an account admin, card admin, or bookkeeper, you can download Brex business account or card statements from your Brex dashboard by following the steps below. Note: If you export your statement to CSV, it can be opened in Excel as a spreadsheet.

  • How can I submit a merchant dispute?

    An account admin, card admin, and the user who owns the card can submit merchant disputes on transactions directly from the Brex dashboard. Disputes cannot be submitted through the mobile app at this time.