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How do I spend on a different budget?

Brex Empower has eliminated the need for each user to have multiple cards. Instead, you have one card that can be associated with any budget. If you have multiple budgets, you can toggle the budget tied to your card so that transactions are instantly spent from the appropriate budget.

Note: Virtual cards that were created exclusively for a budget will be permanently assigned to its budget. You can tell if your card is permanently assigned to a budget by the white card icon next to it. Card users can create up to one virtual card per budget.

To switch the budget assigned to your Brex card, follow the steps below.

In the dashboard

Step 1: Go to Your wallet.

Step 2: Under Available budgets, hover over the budget you’d like to start spending from and click Assign.

In the app

Note: Please make sure you’ve updated your Brex app to the latest version.

Step 1:  In Wallet, tap Manage.

Step 2: Tap Select next to the budget you want to use the card to spend on.

Note: You’ll see your Brex card set as the primary card on the Wallet page. If you have more than one Brex card, you can change your primary card by following the steps in How do I switch my primary card?.

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