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Brex admins can invite as many new users as they’d like to by following the steps below.

Step 1: In your dashboard, go to Team > User and click Invite user.

Step 2: Enter the requested information and select the role you would like that team member to have (account admin, employee, or bookkeeper).

To learn more about the different role types, read What are the various Brex role types?.

Step 3: After clicking Send invite, the user will receive an email invitation with account activation instructions.

Brex admins can invite single users through the dashboard, or send bulk invites via HRIS.

Step 1: Under Team, go to either the Company or Direct reports tab.

Step 2: Click on Add new user.

Step 3: Fill out the first name, last name, and email of the new user you want to invite. You may also add the new user’s department and manager, as well as their location, legal entity, and cost center, if applicable.

Step 4: Choose the role you want to assign to the new user. You'll also be able to preview the budgets that they'll be assigned to, if any.

Step 5: Click Send invite. The new user will receive an invite email to onboard onto Empower.

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