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How do I change the budget my transaction was applied to?

Before making a purchase, you can update the budget that is actively associated with your Brex card by following the steps in How do I spend on a different budget?.

If you’ve already transacted on your card and need the transaction retroactively moved to a different budget, follow the steps below.

Step 1: In your Brex dashboard, go to Your wallet.

Step 2: Scroll down to your Recent expenses and click on the transaction you want to move.

Step 3: In the window to the right, under Budget click the budget name.

Step 4: From the dropdown menu, select the budget you want to reassign the transaction to.

Note: Transactions can only be reassigned to budgets whose limits, restrictions, and policies allow those transaction types. For example, you wouldn’t be able to move a transaction at a gas station into a budget that restricts purchases that fall into the Gas & Fuel category.

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