Can I add my bookkeeper to my account?

You can add a user with the bookkeeper role, which will give them the ability to see and export your transaction history on both the card and Brex business account. A user with the bookkeeper role will not be able to send money out of the Brex business account.

Step 1: Under Team, click Invite user.

Step 2: Enter the requested information and select the bookkeeper role.

Step 3: Choose whether you want your bookkeeper to be able to:

  • Spend on a Brex card: If you want them to be able to hold Brex cards

  • Submit reimbursements: If you want them to be able to request reimbursements.

Step 4: After clicking Send invite, the user will receive an email invitation with account activation instructions.

If your bookkeeper manages multiple accounts on Brex and already has an account, they will need to use an email alias. If they use Gmail or Outlook, you're able to send a second invite to the same email address by adding a plus sign (+) and an additional character(s) after the plus sign:

Using the example above, will be treated as a new user at Brex and they will receive emails at the original email address' inbox ( By using different aliases, the bookkeeper will be able to have multiple user accounts with the same email address.

For more details on the bookkeeper role type, please read this help article.

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