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Here is an overview of where you can find Brex-issued documentation.

The majority of our legal agreements are available on our platform agreement page. To access product-specific legal agreements, please follow the steps below: Step 1: In your dashboard, click your company's name at the top right. Step 2: Select Company settings and navigate to the Company tab. Step 3: Under Product terms & conditions, you’ll be able to view the following agreements:

  • Global Card Terms
  • Brex Travel Terms
  • Repayment Service Terms & Conditions
  • Reimbursement Service Terms & Conditions
  • Bill Payment Service Terms & Conditions
  • Brex Business Account Customer Agreement

1099 forms

Below you’ll find information about different versions of the 1099 form and whether you can expect to receive them as a result of using the Brex service. The information provided in these materials does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal, tax, or financial advice. All information, content, and comments included in these materials are for general informational purposes only. You should consult with your attorney or relevant professional advisor for advice particular to your personal or business situation.


Brex customers with an eligible incorporation type (such as LLC, LLP, or sole-proprietorship) will receive a 1099-DIV tax document provided they’ve received over $10 in dividends from the money market fund where they invest their Brex business account funds. This will come available by mid-February at the latest, and an account admin can access it from their dashboard by following these steps: Step 1: Sign into your Brex account and go to Accounts. Step 2: In Brex business accounts, click View statements. Step 3: From the dropdown, pick the year that you’re filing for. Step 4: Download the form from Tax documents. Please remember that Brex does not offer tax advice. If you have any questions regarding your tax documents, we recommend reaching out to your accountant or CPA. If you don’t have a Brex business account, you won’t receive a Form 1099-DIV from Brex, since you aren’t considered a Brex vendor and haven’t earned revenue from Brex.


Because we, as a card issuer, don’t send payments to cardholders, we also don’t issue 1099-Ks. Merchants that accept a card do so via a merchant card acquirer like Chase, Stripe, etc., who file 1099-Ks with their customers and the IRS to report the payment amount those customers received from them. If your contractors and other third-party vendors are paid by credit card, they’re using a merchant acquirer to accept the card payment. This merchant acquirer is responsible for filing the 1099-K. If you’re paying your contractors via check, ACH, or wire, you’re responsible for providing the 1099 form since you’d act as the last payor. However, should you pay them via corporate cards, the last payor is the merchant acquirer, who is responsible for filling this form, themselves.

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