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This article refers to a feature that might not be available in your current Brex plan. If you'd like to learn more about this feature and how to unlock additional capabilities in Brex's upgraded plans, please have your account or card admin reach out to Brex Support by clicking on Support in your dashboard.


Custom fields are used to capture additional expense details on your transactions prior to exporting to your ERP. You can either edit and categorize these fields yourself or let your employees do so, instead. Following this, you can export your custom fields to a .csv for upload into your ERP. Note: Custom fields cannot be synced directly to your ERP. Here are some common uses for custom fields:

  • Project code
  • Client name
  • Cost center
  • Office location

Create custom fields

Step 1: In your dashboard, go to Accounting > Manage accounting fields and click New custom field. Step 2: Choose which type of custom field you want to create from the following:

  • List: Allows users to select a value from a dropdown list you provide.
  • Checkbox: Allows users to provide simple yes or no answers. Example: “Sale closed.”
  • Freeform: Allows users to enter up to 1,000 characters.

Step 3: Choose whether you want to let employees edit this field on their personal expenses. Step 4: Click Create field. Your new field will now be available to categorize expenses across Brex.

Manage custom fields

Step 1: In your dashboard, go to Accounting > Manage accounting fields. Step 2: Click on the field that you want to edit.

Employee visibility

If you’re using QuickBooks Online or NetSuite, admins can selectively enable or disable specific integration fields on a per-field basis.

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