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The State of Corporate Travel and Expenses

Taming the rising cost and complexity of business travel.

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September 2023

AI in finance: The human role in AI-powered spend management

AI can amplify human effort in every spend management workflow for greater compliance, accuracy, and speed — here's how to take advantage.


September 2023

The controller’s guide to automating compliance

Unburden your accounting team with AI-powered compliance automation that lets you close quicker and more accurately. Find out how in this ebook.


August 2023

The State of U.S. Early-Stage Venture & Startups: 2Q23

This report offers timely insight into how capital flowed into and out of startups in Q2 ‘23 - and how that compares to trends in prior quarters.

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August 2023

The future of procurement is automated and integrated

How modern companies approach procurement as part of a unified spend management system.


June 2023

Unified spend: The X-factor for sustainable growth

It’s time to say goodbye to the disparate systems and manual processes that impede efficient spend management.


June 2023

The global CFO’s playbook

Business operations get more complex as you expand internationally. Discover how today’s global CFOs are preparing to limit surprises, mitigate risks, and lead their businesses to financial success.


May 2023

The finance leader’s guide to managing spend for a global business

Our global guide for finance leaders offers key ways to optimize global spend and local operations in non-US markets.


April 2023

The controller's guide to overcoming the accountant shortage

In this paper, we explore the potential pitfalls of the accountant shortage — and three of the possible solutions available to your business.


March 2023

The CFO Playbook

CFOs share their insights on how to navigate changing markets and win in every economic climate.


February 2023

Sticking to the financial plan

This paper offers guidance for strategically driving your financial plan forward with confidence, no matter what the market holds


January 2023

The definitive guide to spend management

Spend management is broken. Traditional approaches haven’t kept up. In this ebook, we evaluate the landscape today — and how to fix it.

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