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June 2024

Launch your startup faster with Brex and Stripe Atlas

Founders can now access banking services via a free Brex business account immediately after incorporating through Stripe Atlas.

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June 2024

How CFOs are overcoming the accountant shortage

Sure, there are fewer accountants, but nearly 75% of accounting tasks can be automated. Do more with less with Brex accounting automation.

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May 2024

5 accounting automation benefits every accountant needs to know

Want to close the books in minutes vs. days? Eliminate manual expense reports? Brex customers share the top accounting automation benefits.

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May 2024

The Boston Celtics chose Brex for corporate cards

The Boston Celtics chose Brex for corporate cards and spend management to proactively control spend, simplify expenses, and close the books in real time.

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April 2024

How to streamline corporate expenses with lodge cards

Looking to improve your travel expense management? Discover the automation, visibility, and anti-fraud benefits of lodge cards.

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April 2024

Improve cash flow with Brex

Want to improve your cash flow processes? Discover the Brex advantage and automate cash forecasting, fraud detection, and reporting today.

Grow or No CFO article preview

March 2024

How top CFOs balance financial spend controls and growth

Missing growth goals? Learn why your approach to financial spend controls might be the problem — and what to do about it.


March 2024

A survival guide for new CFOs who aren’t CPAs

Tech CFO CJ Gustafson shares best practices for managing finance teams without an accounting background.

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March 2024

Forrester survey: Spend management impacts your ability to compete globally

Top finance leaders share their challenges with global spend management and why the time to solve them is now.

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Looking for more? Visit our resource center for e-books, case studies, and events.

Looking for more? Visit our resource center for e-books, case studies, and events.

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Looking for more? Visit our resource center for e-books, case studies, and events.


Building Brex

Lessons we’ve learned while building our company.


June 2024

Evolving Brex's Co-CEO model

Our co-founder Henrique Dubugras reflects on the history and evolution of Brex's Co-CEO model and the best model going forward.

headshot photo of Henrique Dubugras

Henrique Dubugras


April 2024

Unpacking Brex’s securitization strategy

Our CFO shares his thoughts on what securitizations are, why we do them, and what should be top of mind for companies developing a securitization strategy.

headshot photo of Ben Gammell

Ben Gammell

3.0 article preview

March 2024

Building Brex 3.0, March 2024

Our co-founder and co-CEO shared his thoughts last week on building Brex 3.0.

headshot photo of Pedro Franceschi

Pedro Franceschi

svb preview image

March 2024

Reaffirming Brex's commitment to customers one year after the SVB crisis

As we reflect on the collapse of SVB a year later, we want to use the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to our customers.

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Camilla Matias Morais

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