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Launching Multiple Cash Accounts on Brex Cash (and Mobile)

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Pedro Franceschi


Feb 15, 2022, 2 min read

Feb 15, 2022


2 min read

Today, we’re announcing support for multiple accounts within Brex Cash. We’re excited to help early stage founders with the financial visibility and control they need from wherever they work.

Founders have unique cash management needs for their businesses, especially early on. They manage everything themselves — often without the support of a finance team. As a result, they need a fast and easy way to manage cash flow and runway that keeps them focused on building their product and company. Brex now supports the creation, instant money movement and reporting of up to 8 Brex Cash accounts across web and mobile apps.

Managing cash flow at startup speed

Founders are incredibly busy, and need to juggle multiple financial asks at the same time- paying vendors, making payroll, accounting for revenue correctly, and setting aside money for taxes; all while separating their investor funds from these day-to-day operating account transactions.

Now Brex Cash helps founders accomplish these tasks seamlessly, while eliminating busywork. Founders can separate out investor funds as a best practice. Easily track and accept revenue regardless of the multiple different sources it’s coming from. Set aside money for taxes, payroll, or other large expenses. Pay all vendors from a separate account to easily track spend and burn rate. Multiple Accounts makes it easier than ever to separate and track these different financial needs, all while allowing instant money transfers between these different accounts whenever needed.

multiple cash accounts
Early on, we knew feature parity across devices was critical

Building for Mobile

Early on, we decided that this experience had to work as well on Brex’s iOS and Android apps as it does on desktop. Today, nearly 65% of our active customers access Brex on the go, and we found it critical that founders have full access to all their accounts on Brex wherever they are.

Building multiple Cash accounts into the core mobile experience provides users with quick and easy access to viewing and managing their cash flow.

multiple cash accounts
Intuitive cash flow controls on mobile

What’s Next

We know founders should focus on building great products, and making their customers happy. By making it easier for founders to get a full view of their finances from a single app, rather than logging in and out of several accounts, we save them time. At Brex, we build financial software that gets founders focused on building.

Over the past year, we’ve made a ton of improvements to our mobile app, including adding support for bill pay and an aggregate view across all accounts — and we’re not done yet. Early feedback from customers has been positive and we’re excited to continue to invest in support for multiple Cash accounts.

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