How to use customer feedback to improve your product.


Mar 11, 2022, 2 min read

Mar 11, 2022


2 min read

Is the customer always right? This session covers how to collect, analyze, and implement customer feedback.

Is the customer always right? This session covers how to collect, analyze, and implement customer feedback.

Acompany’s success lies in its ability to continuously improve its product, but knowing how to gather and incorporate customer feedback for product iteration is a skill learned over time.

How do you distinguish valuable feedback from what’s less important? Is the customer always right? Which customer segment should you prioritize? To share insights on these topics and more, we hosted a virtual event with AWS and Carta.

Speakers included Brex Chief Product Officer Karandeep Anand, former Head of Business Products at Meta, and Carta Chief Product Officer Heidi Johnson, with host Sekai Ndemanga, Business Development Lead at AWS.

The event covers:

  • The best ways to collect, analyze, and implement customer feedback
  • How to focus on the most valuable and actionable feedback

Watch the full video above, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for info on more upcoming events for all things related to running and scaling your fast-growing business.

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