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A redesigned Bre...

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A redesigned Brex mobile experience for the everywhere workforce

Here's how we reimagined our mobile app so you can efficiently manage your spend on the go

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5 min read

5 min read


A redesigned Brex mobile experience for the everywhere workforce

Here's how we reimagined our mobile app so you can efficiently manage your spend on the go

Our approach to the redesign.

Our mission at Brex is to empower employees to make better financial decisions no matter where they are. Core to executing on that promise is delivering a modern mobile experience designed to help people manage their spending and related tasks with ease and efficiency. Earlier this year, we launched a new Brex mobile app. Not only did we add more functionality, we completely reimagined the entire app experience to make it faster, more intuitive, and as easy as possible for customers to use Brex on the go.

I wanted to share a bit about our approach to redesigning the app and three tenets that guided our efforts: start with the customer, sweat the details, and speed up internal teams.

1. Always start with the customer.

To kick off our app redesign, it was essential to evaluate the existing mobile experience. Most of what we built was based on customer feedback and our pursuit of making their lives easier. We sifted through App Store reviews, interviewed many Brex customers, and gathered internal feedback to determine the areas that required improvement.

Themes ranged from discovery of features, navigating the app, and friction related to the previous app’s UI. Through customer feedback, we also delved deep into understanding the primary jobs that Brex customers needed to accomplish while on the go. We prioritized features and actions that were relevant to those primary jobs, making sure they were front and center on each mobile screen. This approach also became the basis of the app’s information architecture and tab bar: Wallet, Inbox, and Trips (more on that below).

2. Sweat the details.

We spent several design cycles evaluating the details on every piece of mobile UI to ensure it accomplishes the goals and actions a Brex user might need to take. After synthesizing the customer research above, the design team met daily for the first month in the quarter to explore options for every UI component, and we stress-tested those options against needs uncovered through the research. We needed to be confident that the design of the interface elements were in service of helping our customers get things done quickly and efficiently.

Today’s customers expect a modern, intuitive experience — so both usability and brand delight were top of mind for us. As we stress-tested the options, we narrowed down on a set of new components that became the foundation to our new mobile design system. Overall, we improved typography to increase contrast and readability, redesigned UI components to improve usability, refreshed interactions for better wayfinding, improved our color system to better denote purpose, and reimagined our critical flows and app navigation.

3. Help internal Brex teams move fast.

One other goal of the redesign was to empower internal teams to design and build mobile features faster. Previously, before standardizing the set of foundational mobile UI components, each team had to build their own set, which slowed them down and caused inconsistencies in the app. By providing teams with a new and standardized design system, they are able to iterate much quicker, enabling them to bring new features and improvements to customers faster as well.

A sample of the many components that we created to support the redesign.
A sample of the many components that we created to support the redesign.

Overcoming challenges by embodying our company values.

At Brex, we have a federated mobile team, which means that teams executing on the mobile experience are split across a few teams. This model enables us to move fast as each team is a domain expert in their respective product areas. However, one challenge we needed to overcome was the coordination of efforts to design and build this new app in one sweep. The risk of not doing so would have resulted in more inconsistencies where some parts of the app get the new design and other parts lag behind.

One of our company values is One Brex, where we “focus on what unites us and optimize for Brex above any individual and leverage the collective genius.” We were able to embody this value by getting buy-in from partners across the company by creating a “v-team” to prioritize and tackle the app redesign. This team was composed of design and engineering resources from multiple product teams, enabling us to coordinate efforts to redesign and build an entirely new app from the ground up within a quarter.

Now, let's take a look at the new Brex app, along with some of the functionality we added based on our research and design system outlined above:

Updated Wallet tab: Streamlining the spending experience.

The app is a crucial companion to our customers’ Brex card and spending experience. Customers gave us feedback that they needed quicker access to their cards, budget policies, and requesting reimbursements on the go. Previously, those elements were harder to find or required too many taps to access. We reorganized the design of the Wallet tab to make sure those elements were front and center and removed unnecessary steps in a multitude of flows, reducing the friction for customers to spend using Brex. Learn more about spend management

Wallet tab: Brex mobile app

New Inbox tab: Timely tasks and information at your fingertips.

Customers also need to stay informed and complete their expense-related tasks more quickly on mobile. Previously, important information and reminders could get lost in noisier channels like email and SMS. Customers told us they needed a better way to receive alerts, tasks, and activity notifications related to their Brex account. So, we dedicated the Inbox tab to deliver essential tasks and information to them in a timely manner, enhancing their overall experience with the mobile app.

Inbox tab: Brex mobile app

New Trips tab: Introducing Brex travel.

As part of our commitment to expanding our services, we launched Brex travel in early 2023 and introduced the Trips tab on the mobile app. The Trips tab is a one-stop shop to manage all things Brex travel. Travel and expenses (T&E) spend is a common type of spend for employees, yet managing T&E spend in one place has been difficult (or impossible) for many. As we gathered feedback around what customers needed from their T&E spend experience, we made sure to prioritize those actions in the new app. Employees with access to Brex travel can request, book, change travel plans, and access live support 24/7 seamlessly right from the app, no matter where they are. We also automated several tasks that employees need to stay compliant when traveling, such as generating receipts for their flight or rideshare expenditures. Read more on how Brex is redefining travel for the modern company

Trips tab: Brex mobile app

A new foundation to build upon.

From building new design components from the ground up to auditing every UI element for consistency and usability, we are providing a new and modern experience that customers will love. By mapping the information architecture of the tab bar to align with the jobs customers need on the go, enhancing the Wallet and Inbox tabs, and introducing the Trips tab, our customers and their teams can accomplish their goals more efficiently and enjoy a delightful app experience. This is the new foundation of our mobile experience, and we’re excited to bring more of our services to mobile in the future.


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