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General Questions
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General Questions
Where can I use my Brex card?
How much does it cost?
Why are people switching to Brex?
Why should I use Brex instead of my debit card?
Will applying for Brex affect my credit score?
Can I build credit with Brex?
How do you protect me from fraud?
Are Brex cards available on other networks?
How does Brex track receipts differently?
How does Brex save me time?
Can I carry a balance?
How long is my statement period?
How do I pay the bill?
How does Brex underwrite?
What rewards does Brex offer?
What is Brex Travel?
What is Brex Exclusive and how do I qualify?
What rewards do I get if I am not Brex Exclusive?
What can I redeem rewards points for and how do I redeem them?
When are points available to redeem?
Why is Brex Rewards the best rewards program for startups?
Who can be a customer?
Why do I have to link my bank account?
Can I really issue every employee a credit card?
What will my limit be?
What integrations do you offer?
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