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Regardless of the industry you’re in, you still need to keep up with what’s happening outside your office. Tech companies read publications like TechCrunch. People in Washington read publications like Politico or The Washington Post. And thanks to the Internet, there’s a new publication for every niche you can imagine.

That extends to life sciences as well. While life sciences companies provide a very broad range of services, there are plenty of publications that drill down into the specifics. The type of content ranges from chemistry-specific to broader life sciences-focused publications. But whatever specific slot you fill in the industry, there’s a good chance there’s a ‘TechCrunch, but for X’ publication to serve your needs.

Here’s a quick rundown of some publications that might highlight some interesting news for your sector:

Broad life sciences industry news

FierceBiotech: One of the broader publications focusing on biotechnology and life sciences. Here, you’ll find news on funding, some drug trials, company profiles, emerging trends, and other large bits of news. If you envisioned a kind of like a specialized TechCrunch for biotechnology, this would be it.

Endpoints: Another big source of major news for life sciences. You’ll find the latest stories on startups, company exits and IPOs, executive moves, big company news and major deals in the industry. Think of it like a variation of Business Insider, but for life sciences.

StatNews: A big hub for news that also includes opinion pieces and a lot of multimedia content. StatNews also offers a premium product Stat+, as well as newsletters and podcasts.

Xconomy: Xconomy serves as a big publication for a lot of tech news, but it also has a robust amount of life sciences news. You’ll find a lot of detailed company news here, like funding rounds and M&A. You can also find a lot of news specifically about Boston’s life sciences scene.

BioCentury: A news site that has a big focus on finance and company news. You’ll also find new information on policy, startups, and very granular stories on emerging technology and tools like CRISPR. Some BioCentury content is locked behind a paywall.

BIOtechNOW: BIOtechNOW runs one of the largest biotechnology and life sciences conferences in the country — so you’ll find a lot of content centered around what’s produced there. There’s also plenty of analysis on the industry.

Chemistry and pharmaceuticals

FiercePharma: Think of it like a sibling to FierceBiotech, but focusing on pharmaceuticals. You’ll find stories on major trends in pharmaceuticals, company news, studies, and other big stories.

CafePharma: If you can’t pick a go-to, CafePharma offers a kind of hub for aggregating pharmaceutical news across a wide variety of publications.

Genomeweb: A life sciences publication focused on genetics-focused research and companies. Here you’ll find everything ranging from corporate analyst reports on companies to news on emerging research in the field of genetics.

C&N: An online publication largely focused on news and emerging trends in the fields of chemistry. You’ll quite literally find articles on how Trihydrogen is the most important ion you’ve never heard of. C&N also offers stories on major company news and research in chemistry.

Medical devices

MassDevice: A news publication largely focused on medical devices. You’ll still find the standard company news, funding rounds, and M&A. You’ll also find news on releases of medical devices and clinical trials.

MedGadget: A news site focused on medical technology. You’ll find coverage of medical devices and approvals, along with company news and interviews. MedGadget also has a great list of specific information on upcoming conferences, which might make it easier to keep track of important dates.

MedCity News: A news site focused on healthcare technology. MedCity News has some of the latest information on funding rounds and clinical trials. It also highlights an emphasis on AI applications in life sciences technology.

Other sources of life sciences news and information

Nature: This one’s pretty obvious. You’ll find information on the latest research in biotechnology, as well as broader news on the industry.

Reddit: If you’re a Reddit reader, you already know why this one’s here. Reddit serves as a hub for so many subcultures and communities, and biotechnology and life sciences is another big one. You’ll find a spot with more than ten thousand people discussing and linking to Biotechnology content around the web.

You can also find news in life sciences in most larger publications — especially ones focusing on technology — like the New York Times or Business Insider. While these produce a lot of stories that are great for a broader audience, you’ll also want to make sure you have industry-specific publications on your daily reading list.

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