10 tools every startup needs when scaling a team

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Now that you’ve found your niche, sourced funding, and created a product or service, it’s time to build your team—and your toolkit. The right techstack is critical when you’re growing and scaling your business. Having the appropriate tools at your fingertips can help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently—and can prevent unwanted obstacles along the way. But there are so many resources out there. How do you decide which ones are right for you?

To help you build and polish your toolkit, we’re laying out the 10 things we believe every founder needs to consider when scaling their business. And we’ve reached out to some of our most trusted partners to bring you discounts that will help you build a top notch techstack when you’re just starting out. 

Here are 10 things you should be thinking about as you begin bringing on more talent to help you grow your business:

1. Give employees the option to collaborate in person

One of the first things to consider when scaling a team is: Where will they work? In the post-pandemic reality, offices might become a thing of the past. What used to be a pricey overhead cost is now considered by many to be a perk. But where will that leave your employees? In-person collaboration is still as important as ever, and might be a critical component of your growing business. WeWork provides the space you need to meet with your team face-to-face, and the flexibility to accommodate your business’s changing needs. In addition to a 25% discount on WeWork All Access, Brex customers receive an exclusive offer for up to 25% off any new WeWork dedicated office space, office suite, or headquarters office for the first year of your membership across its over 400 convenient locations in the U.S. This offer is subject to availability, so start your workspace planning now.

2. Prioritize employees by paying them on time

As you hire beyond your first employee, it’s important that you reward those helping your company grow. Of course, that means compensating them. But it also means giving them the tools they need to manage their own payroll and access their money when they need it. There are many payroll platforms out there, offering everything your employees need to get paid easily and on time. Gusto’s user-friendly interface makes them one of our favorites, and they’re currently offering Brex customers 50% off the first year of service across any plan. With discounts like that, while you’re paying your employees, you’ll essentially be paying yourself.  

3. Make valuable information accessible to all stakeholders—and protect it in the process

Hiring a good team is a great first step. But what happens once employees are on board? Do you have a process in place to securely and efficiently share information? Employees will need access to documents, company assets, and important files. And you’ll need the confidence that your valuable information is being protected. One of the leaders in the field of secure cloud infrastructure, Dropbox is currently offering Brex customers 50% off annual Dropbox Business subscriptions. That’s a guaranteed way to save your money—while also saving your sanity.

4. Store and manage documents in one place

As you build your processes and company assets, you’ll need a software suite with all the tools to document and manage them. Featuring email service, task and contact management, calendar and desktop applications, and other hosted services, Microsoft Office 365 is one of our favorite subscription service options. And with plans aimed at different needs and market segments, Microsoft is offering Brex customers four months free for up to 5 users with a one-year Microsoft 365 Business subscription.

5. Streamline employee expenses with seamless integrations

If there’s one thing we at Brex know, it’s that expense management can make or break a growing company. When you’re just starting out, it’s critical that your expenses are all in one place, easy to access and manage, and integrated with any other systems you use. Brex integration partner Quickbooks is currently offering 40% off the first 12 months of Quickbooks Online to all Brex customers to help streamline finances. That’s an easy way to get your finances in order while saving your company valuable capital.

6. Make meetings easy with tried-and-true video communication tools

Whether in office or remote, you’ll need a way to meet with your team. And as you scale in a COVID environment, facilitating meetings may become increasingly more complicated. Video conferencing has become a critical tool for growing companies in the current environment. And there are countless platforms facilitating such remote collaboration. To help your company communicate efficiently in the new normal, Zoom is offering Brex customers a 20% discount on its annual subscription.  

7. Provide a platform for asynchronous communication

Communication is a critical part of every growing team. But meetings can often become overwhelming and time-consuming, interfering with progress instead of propelling it. Provide your employees with asynchronous communication tools like email, Slack, GChat, or Facebook Workplace to help them collaborate on their own time. Slack is currently offering Brex customers 25% off the first 12 months of eligible upgrades to Slack paid plans. Before meetings become a burden, have the resources on hand to help your employees communicate however they prefer.

8. Help employees understand your customers using real-time data

As your team grows, so will your customer base. While it’s important to prioritize your employees, it’s equally important to focus on your customers’ needs. And the easiest, most reliable way to do that is by using real-time customer data. There are many marketing and data analytic tools out there for growing companies. Customer data platform Segment is currently offering early stage startups with a Brex account 12 months of its Team Plan for free. All other Brex customers get 15% off of twelve months of Segment's Business Tier Plan, giving you both money and happy customers in one easy step.

9. Use survey feedback to give your customers exactly what they want

Customer data provides valuable information for any growing startup. But sometimes you want to get answers straight from your audience’s mouth. The easiest—and most accurate—way to do this is through feedback vehicles like surveys. If you scour the Internet for survey platforms, you might be overwhelmed by how many are out there. We’ve partnered with one of our favorites, Typeform, to offer our customers 30% off annual Typeform Professional or Premium tier subscriptions. Once you know what your customers want, you’ll be able to deliver exactly that. 

10. Keep employees engaged by making scheduling a breeze

If all of these resources are making your head spin, you might want to start off with a project management tool to keep everything organized. Managing tasks, projects, and collaborative work in one place will be critical once you get your team – and your techstack—off the ground.  And there is such a thing as too many productivity tools. Platforms like monday.com allow you to manage everything from one central interface, helping you avoid conflicts, overlaps, or dropped balls that can hinder your business’s success. And monday.com is currently offering Brex customers a 25% discount on any of their annual subscription packages. Get organized today, and watch your business flourish.

When you’re scaling from one employee to an entire team, it’s important to have the right startup toolkit to fast track your growth. From payroll and communication to information sharing and expense management, the tools you employ now will help you jump hurdles along the way. Brex and its partners are here to help your growing company reach its full potential by building a powerful techstack—one tool at a time. 

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