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As an account or card admin, you can monitor your company’s spend and money movement from the Accounts tab of your Brex dashboard. This includes seeing how much of your monthly limit you’ve spent, the amount you’ve paid out in reimbursements, your month-over-month Brex business account balance, and the estimated total of your connected external accounts. If there’s any action required for these sections, you’ll see an alert at the top right of each tile. Click on this to see more details about the alert.

Account credit limit

In the Accounts tab, your account limit is listed as a bar graph under Credit. The gauge on the right shows your overall limit and how much of it has been used this statement period. Click on the gauge for even more information. Credit balance lists the amount your users have spent this statement period. Your available balance is how much you have left to spend until your outstanding balance is paid. At the end of each statement cycle, Brex will automatically initiate an ACH transfer to pay this balance from your primary funding source. The bar graph below compares spend over different time periods. You can change the timeframe by clicking the dropdown in the top right of the graph.


Your reimbursements spend history is listed under Reimbursements. This breaks down your current balance under Reimbursement balance and a comparative view of reimbursement payout bar graph. You can change the timeframe of this report by clicking the dropdown in the top right of the graph.

Business accounts

The Business accounts section shows you your current cumulative balance in any Brex business accounts you have. The line graph breaks down your balance over time (broken out by FDIC-insured funds and money-market funds). You can change the timeframe of this report by clicking the dropdown in the top right of the graph. In the table below, you’ll see each of your Brex business accounts, including their balance, and the Money in and Money out within the past 30 days.

External accounts

The External accounts section breaks down the estimated total of all external bank accounts you’ve connected to Brex. The graph below provides a comparative view of all your connected accounts month over month. You can change the timeframe of this report by clicking the dropdown at the top right of the graph. Below this, you’ll see a report of any Deposits and Payments that have taken place in the timeframe you indicated above. You can view and manage your external accounts by clicking View Details in the top right.

View Brex business account balances

From your dashboard

Step 1: Go to Accounts > Brex business account. Step 2: You can see your total balance, across all Brex business accounts, under Balance. The graph on the right provides a visual overview of your balance. Step 3: To see this broken down by individual account, look for the balance of each Brex business account in the table right below. Money In and Money Out shows the inflow and outflow for each account within the last 30 days

From your app

Step 1: Sign in to your Brex mobile app and tap Cash at the bottom. Step 2: Your aggregate balance for all your Brex business accounts will be displayed at the top of this page. To see individual balances for each account, please visit your dashboard on desktop or mobile browser.

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