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Brex for enterprise.

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Brex for enterprise.

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  • Enable global spend
    • All spend in one place.
    • Issue cards.
    • Reimburse employees.
  • Keep everyone compliant
  • Empower your teams
  • Close the books faster
  • Manage spend globally
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Enable all spend in one place, T&E to procurement.

Make it easy for employees to spend transparently, in policy, around the world — with pre-approved limits that can be spent from one secure card or via ACH, wires, and reimbursements.


All spend in one place.

From employee stipends to T&E to procurement and events, Brex makes it easy to enable and track all your spend programs, no matter where it occurs, all in one place.


T&E for individual travel.

Allocate spending limits for travel with auto-enforced policies for specific categories like flights, hotels, and meals. Keep teams compliant, in budget, and happy with time-saving features like automatic receipts for major airlines, including United, American, and Delta, and auto-generated memos.

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Team and company offsites.

Engage in team building without burdening the finance team. Create a total spending limit for an offsite, and then designate certain amounts within that limit for entertainment, per diems, hotels, etc., so you can optimize the booking experience and track specific expenses and requirements.

Stipends and perks.

Brex makes it easy to issue stipends and track expenses. Issue work-from home, L&D, wellness, and other stipends and identify taxable and non-taxable benefits. The system will auto verify if an expense is allowed and approve if it’s in-policy.

Procurements of any size.

Issue virtual p-cards by vendor, and earn cash back for large spend. Pre-approve a total spend amount for a department or vendor, with custom rules.

Automate provisioning with Coupa Pay integration.

Connect with Coupa Pay to automate payments and eliminate one-time vendor onboarding. Automatically create virtual cards tied to budgets to pay pre-approved invoices directly in Coupa Pay.

Events and projects.

Consolidate all spend under an event or project for easier tracking, GL coding, and approvals – and issue contractor cards that expire after the event is over.

Issue cards.

Provide physical and virtual cards to your employees for approved spend — T&E, stipends, procurement, offsites, and more — in 100+ countries.


Cutting-edge card protection.

Brex cards are equipped with optional PIN protection, 3DS security, and chips for contactless payments. Set card PINs for any card (virtual and physical) through your dashboard or mobile app for added security.

Apple Pay for contactless payments anywhere.

Use your card without reaching for your card, worldwide. Add it to Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay via the Brex mobile app in a few taps.

Global card acceptance.

Employees can use their Brex cards wherever Mastercard is accepted (aka, everywhere) and see transactions in local currency and USD in the Brex dashboard and mobile app.

Multi-entity billing.

Receive separate USD bills for each entity for card expenses so you can pay them from different US bank accounts. Expenses will automatically be billed to the employee’s entity.

Reimburse employees.

Manage cards and reimbursements in the same system so that your pre-approved spending amounts and rules will apply to expenses made on a Brex or personal card.


Allow reimbursement requests for approved spend.

When you set spending limits and rules for certain purposes, they’ll apply whether the employee is using a Brex card or submitting a reimbursement request to improve reporting and free managers from excessive reviews.

Fast reimbursements in local currency and bank accounts.

Employee reimbursements can be paid in their local currency, directly to their local bank account. Funds are sent out right after approval, so there’s no more waiting for payroll to get repaid.

OCR technology for speed and accuracy.

When an employee submits receipts for reimbursements, OCR (optical character recognition) technology will auto-populate fields in the request, such as merchant name and category, saving employees time and ensuring compliance.

Keep teams compliant and on budget.

Brex cards and software make it easy for employees to do the right thing and free managers to only focus on exceptions — with auto enforcement of spending rules, automatic approval of in-policy spend, and easy receipt capture.


Pre-approve spending.

Drive 100% tax and policy compliance, and keep everyone on budget with built-in controls that apply to Brex card spend and reimbursement requests.


Pre-approve spending with budgets.

What are budgets? They’re pre-approved spending limits with built-in policies that can be assigned to departments, teams, or individuals to use for any purpose like T&E, stipends, procurement, and offsites.

Nested budgets to delegate decision making.

After you set spending limits for a purpose, department heads can use nested budgets to allocate it as they see fit. For example, if the sales team has a $100,000 T&E budget, the leader can decide how to allocate between the different teams; therefore, empowering leaders while keeping everyone on budget and compliant.

Customize approval flows.

Allow employees to request spending amounts, and set up custom approval flows that control spending while taking the burden off reviewers.

Empower employees to request spending limits.

Allow employees to request a new spending allocation for all kinds of purposes, such as offsites, team celebrations, and stipends or request an increase on limits for a purpose that was already approved.

Custom approval routing to fit your organization.

Set up approval workflows to assign different approvers for specific types of spend and limit increase requests. For example, T&E spend might have to be approved by a manager vs. software purchasing might have to be approved by finance, or managers may have to approve reimbursements before the finance team or final approver.

Rules-based budgets to automate provisioning.

Set up spending budgets, stipends, and policies based on factors such as role, location, and seniority to streamline and automate provisioning.

Easily enforce your expense policy.

Make compliance easy by embedding detailed rules for spending where you need them. Each budget can have a unique expense policy or your standard one, and rules will be auto enforced.


Rules or blocks for merchants and categories.

Block certain merchants, vendors, or categories on Brex cards or automatically reject requested reimbursements (powered by Brex proprietary merchant categorization system). Merchant blocks are dynamic based on the type of spend, rather than attached to the card itself — so you can set spending rules that will apply to spending across cards, reimbursements, and payments.

Enforce spending rules automatically.

Build your own policies based on the type of spend. For example: For T&E spend, enforce meal per diems, hotel nightly rates, and airfare policies. For procurement, make sure that the card is being used on the right vendor or category, etc. Create any kind of policy, and Brex will automatically enforce it for you.

Easy-to-access rules and policies.

Avoid uncertainty and questions by allowing employees to view spending guidelines in context via mobile app or dashboard, not in a long PDF.

Automate receipts and memos.

Drive 100% compliance with 0 receipt chasing. Receipts and memos are automatically generated for many transactions, and reminders are automatically sent to employees when receipts and memos are required but weren’t auto-generated.


Auto-generated receipts.

Brex automatically gathers itemized, IRS-compliant receipts for transactions with major merchants via exclusive merchant connections without employees needing to ever track or upload them, saving your whole team hours.

Auto-generated memos.

Memos will be automatically filled based on the spending purpose. Employees can easily update the auto-populated memo with additional information when submitting expenses or reimbursements. Administrators can choose to turn on or off the auto-memo functionality at the expense policy level.

Employee reminders and notifications in app.

Automatically send real-time, in-app receipt alerts to remind employees to submit receipts for required transactions when receipts aren’t auto-generated.

Auto-match receipts to transactions.

Brex will automatically match employees’ Brex card transactions to receipts that they upload, forward, Slack, or text — even if the photo is a little blurry. No more chasing or deciphering receipts.

Auto-validate receipts.

Automatic receipt validation capabilities will detect when an uploaded receipt doesn't match the expense. Employees will be prompted to correct it and the expense reviewers will be asked to review their changes.

Increase accountability.

Make everyone accountable for compliance by making it easy to stay on top of expenses and complete tasks independently — our mobile app provides a personalized task list for employees and managers.


Delegation of expense management tasks.

Assign EAs or another team member to submit reimbursements, write memos, and perform other tasks on your behalf, while maintaining controls and traceability.

Repayment of personal expenses.

Allow employees to flag personal expenses on their Brex card and make repayments to your company from their personal bank account. Managers and controllers can also tag personal expenses with “repayment requested” to flag it for action.

Real-time overview and spend reports.

Run real-time spend reports across card expenses and personal reimbursements. Pre-built filters by department, cost center, and merchant can help easily identify areas with increased spend over a given period of time.

Commenting on expenses to close out faster.

Employees, managers, and controllers can have expense-specific conversations in context of the transaction. For example, an employee can add a comment to an expense asking about the appropriate memo, driving compliance and efficiency.

Deliver an experience loved by your team.

Delight employees, free up managers, and drive compliance with automatic receipts, one card for every spending purpose, easy expense reporting, 24/7 support, and a consumer-grade mobile app.


Intuitive user experience.

Your team will hit the ground running with the intuitive Brex interface and five-star mobile app. No training required.

Top-rated mobile app with full features.

Employees can use their cards, track available spend amounts, check expense policies, and perform all required tasks (such as attaching a memo or receipt) on the go.

Intuitive online dashboard.

The Brex interface makes it easy for employees to see their assigned budgets, expense rules, and how much they have left to spend. Pending tasks will be highlighted for easier compliance.

Messaging integrations.

Employees can enable international SMS, Slack, and WhatsApp notifications from Brex for easy expense management from wherever they get work done.


One card, multiple budgets for ease of use.

Employees get a single Brex card for all types of spend. They can select the desired spending budget, such as WFH stipend or travel, before making a purchase, or retroactively update it in a few clicks.

Eliminate expense reports.

Welcome to zero receipt chasing! No more nagging employees to do their expenses or burdening managers with excessive reviews. Compliance is built in with pre-approved budgets, auto receipts and memos, and exception-only reviews.

Auto-generated receipts.

Receipts are automatically generated for major merchants, including Lyft, FedEx, USPS, Amazon, and major airlines like United, American, and Delta.

Auto-generated memos.

Memos will be automatically filled based on the spending purpose to save employees time and ensure compliance. Employees can update the memo with additional information when submitting expenses or reimbursements.

Automatic receipt matching.

When a receipt is needed, employees can add a photo of the receipt — in any currency — via WhatsApp, email, Slack, SMS, the Brex app, or browser extension. Receipts are matched with transactions and categorized for expense reports.


Cards and reimbursements in one app.

Employees can submit reimbursement requests and Brex card expenses under the same budgets and memos in the Brex mobile app or dashboard, making it extra fast to reconcile business charges on their personal and corporate cards.

OCR technology for reimbursements.

When an employee submits receipts for reimbursements, OCR technology will auto-populate fields in the request, such as merchant name and category, saving employees time and ensuring compliance.

Improve manager reviews.

Free your managers from being the money police by having them only review exceptions, while anything in policy is automatically approved.

Exception-only manager reviews for speed and security.

Expenses within policy are approved automatically, so managers only have to review out-of-policy exceptions. This gives them the peace of mind that they can review exceptions carefully vs. rushing to approve everything (and worrying they’ll miss something).

Make exception approvals easy in our mobile app.

Managers will see any alerts or pending approvals in one spot flagged for their attention in their Brex dashboard or mobile app. This makes it easy for them to quickly address anomalies and unblock spend or stop unwanted spend.

No more receipt chasing.

Because many receipts and memos are auto generated, and automatic reminders are sent to employees when any details are missing on reimbursements or expenses, managers no longer have to chase receipts or nag employees.

Get 24/7 support from anywhere.

Get up and running quickly with dedicated onboarding help, and empower your international employees with around-the-clock support.


Customer service in every time zone.

We’re here to help 24/7 via phone, chat, WhatsApp, and mobile app from anywhere.

Dedicated implementation support.

Accelerate implementation and onboarding with a dedicated support representative who can set your teams and company up for success so you can stay focused on your business, not implementation.

Senior relationship manager and support specialist.

Receive strategic support from a senior relationship manager who can ensure that your company receives a premium level of partnership and service, plus reach your dedicated support specialist anytime for more tactical questions or issues.

Support global teams.

Meet employees where they are with reimbursements, spending limits, and policies in local currency.


Reimbursements in their local currency, fast.

Employees can request reimbursements from wherever they work, and get paid in their local currency, directly to their local bank account. Funds are sent out right after approval, so there’s no more waiting for payroll to get repaid.

Currency visibility.

Users can see expenses in the currency where the expense was incurred and US dollars for consistent tracking companywide.

Close the books faster and automate workflows.

Streamline workflows to save time and increase accuracy with auto-categorized expense data, custom mapping to your ERP, API automations, multi-entity reconciliation, and HRIS integration.


Configure ERP integrations.

Sync with any ERP to eliminate hours of manual work and gain real-time visibility of financial data across systems.

Universal ERP and data import.

Increase accountability with the most accurate view of data you can trust. Import your accounting data into Brex with our ERP and procurement integrations or Universal ERP CSV transfer.


Custom GL mapping.

Connect your ERP system to Brex and build custom GL mapping that automates categorization of transactions to close your books accurately with no month-end scrambling.

Automatic sync.

Enable automatic sync to continuously update your transactions on a regular cadence for all integrations with direct syncing capabilities.

Customize accounting flows.

Build custom expense types, accounting fields, and field mapping rules that automatically fill in your required ERP fields, such as GL accounts.

Custom expense types.

Map expense types that employees select to any configured Brex Data Source for accounting automation.

Custom accounting fields.

Align Brex expense data with your ERP to meet your accounting needs. Hide or lock specific accounting fields to ensure data reliability.

Custom rules.

Automatically categorize Brex transactions with the correct accounting classifications to close the books faster and more accurately.

Multi-entity account management.

Streamline spend management across your subsidiaries and business units in a single platform to better manage growth and compliance.

One dashboard, multiple entities.

View and manage all your company spend across subsidiaries and countries relative to one parent company from a single homepage. Standardize practices across all entities by assigning appropriate billing and default currency for the entity.

Entity-specific user management.

Assign employees to a specific entity, manually or through your HRIS system to increase efficiency and accuracy of reconciliation.


Entity mapping to ERP and NetSuite.

Reduce accounting complexities and accelerate workflows by automatically mapping your entities in Brex to the correct entities in NetSuite so that you can report and analyze your spend at any level. Move card and reimbursement transactions between entities for accounting exports.

Automate workflows with APIs.

Customize automated workflows across expenses, card issuance, budgets, and more. Power your internal tools with Brex’s deep suite of APIs and no-code platforms:

Expenses API.

This API can be used to allow customer, bookkeeper, or accountant access to alterable spend categories, memos, receipts, and more to ensure accuracy across all transaction data. Download all receipts for review and add missing receipts for tax and reporting compliance. Get notified whenever expenses are created or changed on Brex.

Budgets API.

The budgets API lets customers and partners view and modify Brex budgets via a REST API. Use the API to automate updates or new budgets in the way that works best for your business.

Custom automations.

Brex connects with leading automation platforms Workato and Zapier so you can set up custom transaction or payment alerts via any system — like email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and WhatsApp.


Integrate with your HRIS.

Eliminate the risk and burden of manual onboarding and data entry. Brex integrates directly with the top 35 HRIS systems. Save time with automated invites and setup, spend allocations, and org chart data syncs.

HRIS integration auto syncs.

Set up a Brex account for every employee by default. Our HRIS integrations auto sync to keep your employee details and expense approval flows correct as you scale, by syncing org hierarchy data such as manager relationships.


Automate onboarding and offboarding.

Sync users from your HRIS to have a Brex account and card automatically ready for them on their first day. Conversely, ensure safe offboarding by having users’ Brex cards locked the instant they’re removed from your HR system.

Intelligent new user invites.

Easily invite new users, and the invite will incorporate rules from your spend programs so invited users will be assigned to the correct sets of budgets based on department, location, cost center, and legal entities.


Run detailed spend reports.

Get all the details you need about expenses with more specific categorization and a visual audit trail for every transaction.

Expense itemization.

Split individual expenses across multiple budgets or merchant categories into their own line items. Each budget's expense policy and rules will be automatically applied.

Editing and exporting.

Use the accounting journal to prepare transactions for export and then export them. Streamline viewing, filtering, and bulk editing transactions prior to export.

Audit trails.

Review audit trails for every card swipe or reimbursement submission to see an expense’s history of key events like policy reviews, itemizations, manual approvals, rejections, accounting categorization, payment, and returns.

Manage spend with a system built for global.

Gain real-time visibility and control of your company spend across all entities and geos, so you can report and analyze your spend in a central command center.


Global cards and reimbursements.

Reduce complexities of global spend and reimbursements, and increase the efficiency, accuracy, and control of global operations.

Globally accepted cards.

Employees can use their Brex cards wherever Mastercard is accepted with chip and PIN protection and visibility into their transactions’ local currency and USD.

Spend limits and rules shown in local currency.

Display spending limits and expense policies to each employee in their local currency to help them easily understand how much they can spend and where and comply with any receipt or memo thresholds.

Fast reimbursements in local currency.

Send money to employees in any country from your company’s US or local bank account. International employees can get fast reimbursement payments in their local currency to their local bank account.

Streamline global reconciliation.

Save time on global accounting and reduce intra-company transactions by mapping employees directly to the correct billing subsidiary, with the right currency — from a single homepage.

Multi-currency visibility.

Keep reporting consistent across currencies with the ability to see your transactions in your primary currency and in the local currency where the expense was incurred. You’ll also have clear visibility of foreign exchange rates for each card, reimbursement, and cash transaction.

Export and ERP mapping.

Automatically classify and export transactions to the correct subsidiary with subsidiary-level billing and ERP mapping capabilities, including the option to reclassify individual transactions.


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