Get immediate access to secure virtual credit cards


Access to virtual cards in minutes

Issue virtual cards as soon as you're approved. Qualified companies get access instantly.

Fraud protection and zero liability

Never worry about stolen card credentials. Get access to support in under two minutes.

No interest or foreign transaction fees

Use your virtual cards where and when you need them without any additional cost.

Skip the plastic when paying online

Create virtual credit card numbers and credentials with customized limits for any of your online purchases. Issue as many as you need, change limits in real time, and shut them down at any time.

Stay secure with virtual credit cards

You can assign purchases or subscriptions to separate virtual credit cards. Granular controls help you keep close track of all spending and immediately shut down compromised cards.


How do I know if I qualify?

Our underwriting technology helps us see if your company is the right fit for a Brex card the moment you connect to our systems.

Companies that have healthy cash balances or sales should consider using Brex.

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What is a virtual credit card?
Virtual credit cards are electronic cards that are linked to your credit account and can be used to complete online transactions.
How do virtual credit cards work?
Virtual credit cards are online cards linked to your credit account. Unlike a physical credit card, they have no fixed card details and instead randomly generate a card number, expiration date and security code for each transaction. You can enter these temporary card details at the online checkout, and the transaction will appear on your account statement as usual.
How are virtual credit cards created?
Issuers of virtual credit cards tend to provide customers with software that can be set up on their computer or smartphone device. Customers can then use this software to randomly generate temporary card details linked to their credit account. These virtual card details expire after a set time limit and are usually only valid for one transaction.
How do I get a virtual credit card?
You can get a virtual credit card directly from a bank which offers this service. If you do not have a credit account with a bank offering virtual credit cards, you can link your credit card with an online virtual credit card service.

You will need to link your credit card to the service and then generate tokens. You can use these tokens to make online payments, and the service will apply the charges to your card.
Who accepts virtual Mastercard?
The virtual MasterCard is similar to a physical MasterCard, but issued through the service’s online portal. Customers can use their virtual MasterCard for any online or mail/phone purchases with merchants that accept Debit MasterCard. You can also add your virtual MasterCard to your mobile wallet to use it for transactions in any physical stores that accept wallet payments.

You cannot use your virtual MasterCard for cash access or at ATMs. You should also avoid using your virtual card to pay for hotel or vehicle reservations, where a physical card is required to confirm the booking.
Can I use virtual credit cards in-store?
Designed for online and card-not-present transactions, virtual credit cards are not suitable for in-store purchases where you need to present a physical card. If you add your virtual credit card to your mobile wallet, you will be able to use it in any stores that accept payment through the wallet.