Get access to credit immediately with instant approvals


Issue virtual cards as soon as you're approved

Create virtual cards for online purchases right away. Use with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.

Higher credit limits with no interest or fees

Your credit limit is based on your cash or sales, not on your personal credit score.

Built-in fraud protection and zero liability

Find peace of mind with advanced fraud monitoring and concierge dispute resolution.

Start using a virtual credit card within minutes

Instant virtual credit cards as soon as you're approved

Healthy cash balance

Companies with a good amount of cash in the bank can get access to credit limits based on their balance.

Healthy sales

Ecommerce companies with a track record of consistent sales can get access to much-needed credit ahead of their sales cycles.

Never worry about fraud or disputes

Advanced fraud prevention, enhanced 2FA, and robust card management tools help you avoid fraudulent activity. Our support team has your back throughout any payment dispute.

How do I know if I qualify?

Our underwriting technology helps us see if your company is the right fit for a Brex card the moment you connect to our systems.

Companies that have healthy cash balances or sales should consider using Brex.

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What is an instant approval credit card?
Instant approval credit cards allow you to apply online and will give you a decision on approval within a few minutes. The credit card issuer will run a preliminary credit check to review your credit score and financial background. They will also check whether you meet the eligibility requirements using personal information you submit on the application form.

The instant decision lets you see if the issuer is likely to accept you without risking damage to your credit score. The approval is conditional and is subject to a full check of your credit history.
How does instant credit card approval work?
You will need to complete an application form and provide your personal information to apply for an instant approval credit card. This will include proof of your identity and details such as your name and address, your income and employment status. Issuers will also ask about existing account information in the case of balance transfer cards.

The issuer will use this information to confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements and carry out a preliminary credit check. The higher your credit score, the more likely you are to be approved. Following this, they may offer you a conditional approval, which is subject to a further review of your financial situation and credit history.
How long does it take to receive a credit card after approval?
While the application process may only take a few minutes, you will have to wait for your physical credit card to arrive in the post. This typically takes between seven to 14 business days, with some issuers offering expedited shipping if you need it sooner.

You may be able to access your credit account immediately upon approval, using virtual cards or banking apps.
Can I get a credit card the same day?
You will typically have to wait between seven to 14 business days for your physical credit card to arrive in the post. However, some issuers allow you to use your credit account immediately upon approval through banking apps, virtual credit cards, or by issuing you with an instant credit card number. These allow you to make transactions on your credit account before the physical card arrives.

Bear in mind that virtual cards and instant credit information may be temporary. This means that you should avoid setting up automatic billing services until you have received your permanent card details.