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Comprehensive theft and fraud protection at any scale


Theft and fraud protection

Receive support during any incidents of fraudulent activity and automatic notifications of suspicious activity.

Advanced card management tools

Seamlessly manage your card activity at any scale with robust admin controls, provisioning, and granular reporting.

World-class customer support

Get a top-tier customer service experience in under two minutes.

Automatic credit for any fraud incidents

You'll immediately get your money back for any compromised transactions or chargebacks. We have your back during any theft or fraud incidents.

Advanced card management systems

Get a comprehensive view of all spending in your organization with robust card management tools. Instantly issue and shut down as many cards as you need, each with custom limits within your overall credit limit.

Zero liability for any fraudulent transactions

Get access to world-class customer support during any theft or fraud incidents in under two minutes. We automatically detect and notify you of any suspicious activity.

The smartest corporate card in the room

Having a great admin experience with a corporate card should be table stakes. With the Brex card, you'll get:

Instant receipt capture

Get the app to track receipts, or just reply to a text or forward an email to automatically attach it to an expense.

Intelligent reconciliation

Smart expense-matching and intuitive categories keep your books clean and tidy.

Top accounting integrations

Seamlessly connect with top accounting tools like, QuickBooks®, NetSuite®, Expensify®, and other top accounting tools. Keep your books clean and tidy with intelligent reconciliation and smart category management.

Issue unlimited virtual cards with no fees

Create any number of virtual corporate credit cards with custom limits for online purchases. Get as granular as you need to ensure your finances stay secure.

How do I know if I qualify?

Our underwriting technology helps us see if your company is the right fit for a Brex card the moment you connect to our systems.

Companies that have healthy cash balances or sales are all great candidates for the Brex card.

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    Sign up in minutes

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    Connect to your bank

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    Start issuing virtual cards

What is credit card fraud?
Credit card fraud is the unauthorized use of a credit account. Criminals use several different techniques to fraudulently obtain the account holder’s card details and personal information. They then use this information to obtain goods via unauthorized transactions or to steal funds directly from the victim’s account.
How does credit card fraud happen?
Criminals can use several different techniques to commit credit card fraud. One of the most common is card-not-present fraud. This involves stealing credit card information from unsuspecting victims, typically through the use of malware or phishing scams.

Fraudsters can also create counterfeit cards through skimming fraud. This technique involves using a skimmer device on ATMs or merchant terminals to steal details from the card’s magnetic stripe. Other forms of credit card fraud include lost or stolen cards, false applications for credit under another person’s identity, and card-never-arrived fraud when mail is stolen or intercepted to obtain credit cards.
Are credit card purchases protected?
Credit card protection is a form of coverage on items purchased with your credit card. It helps to cover costs of faulty or damaged items if you’re unable to seek a refund or replacement through the merchant. Credit card protection also helps cover orders that do not match their description, as well as lost or missing items. Usually, there is a set dollar limit on claims with credit card protection, which can range between $500 to $10,000. There can also be limits on the amount you can claim under a policy per year. Refer to your cardholder agreement to check your issuer’s limitations and claim process.
How can I report credit card fraud?
Immediately contact your issuer to report a lost or stolen card. They will cancel your card, issue a new credit card number, and launch an investigation. Also contact one of the three major credit bureaus — Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion — to set up a fraud alert. This will notify you of any account changes or credit application attempts in your name. You only need to contact one, as they will send your request onto the other bureaus within 24 hours. File a local police report and retain a copy for your files, as well as submitting a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. Update any compromised security details and regularly review your account statements to identify any unauthorized activity.


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