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From runway to revenue with Brex.

Finance to help companies scale faster.

Around the world, our customers dream big. They question the status quo, driving innovation that reshapes the nature of their industries, while bettering the lives of the people they serve.

They’re building the next generation of business, and we’re laser-focused on helping these ambitious and fast-growing companies scale and succeed by delivering financial solutions that match their speed and innovation.

The impact of our customers inspires us to continually innovate with modern, global financial software and services to fuel their journey to IPO, or wherever their ambition takes them.

Here are a few examples of our customers who are changing the shape of their industries.


Founded by Howie Liu, Andrew Ofstad, and Emmett Nicholas in 2013, Airtable is a widely loved low-code platform for building collaborative apps. The company gained popularity by word of mouth, and has since become the go-to collaboration tool for small businesses and enterprises alike, used by Netflix, Expedia, and Shopify—to name only a few.

“At Airtable, we believe in enabling everyone to create, not just use, software. Brex’s corporate card and expense software actually free up our finance team to be more strategic and make our employees more efficient and compliant. The entire team is able to grow the business faster with Brex behind us.”

—Howie Liu, CEO & Co-Founder, Airtable


“It’s all about an empowering experience and ease of use. That’s why Brex is the perfect fit.”

—Howie Liu, CEO & Co-Founder, Airtable

Empower your team no matter where they are.

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Fingo Africa

A recent graduate from Y Combinator’s 2021 Summer Class, Fingo Africa’s mission is to provide affordable banking to Africa’s 500 million youths, cutting transaction fees by 90%.

Founded in 2020 by Kiiru Muhoya, Gitari Tirima, James da Costa, and Ian Njuguna, Kenya-based Fingo plans to officially launch to the public this quarter as the first pan African neo-bank aimed at Gen Z and millennials.

With investors overseas, Fingo needed secure and reliable international wire transfers. Brex’s integration with Pilot and built-in expense management features tied directly to card spend helps Fingo remain nimble, while fueling their ambitions and growth.


“In Africa, there’s very few financial services built for and by young people, despite the fact that Africa is the youngest continent in the world. We’re solving that problem, and we feel like Brex gets that.”

— James da Costa, CFO & Co-Founder, Fingo Africa

Pay and get paid—fast and free, from anywhere.

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Give InKind

When Give InKind CEO and co-founder Laura Malcolm lost her first child, she decided to build a social platform that connects people in need with support during life’s most difficult times.

Recently named one of Built in Seattle's ‘Startups to Watch in 2022,’ over 1 million people used Give InKind to support loved ones in 2021 alone.

"In 2022, we’re focused on expanding our B2B solutions, like offering Give InKind as an employee benefit. The fact that it’s free to send wire transfers with Brex makes it easy and stressless to manage accounts with other providers and a global workforce. And of course, an interest-bearing cash account is a bonus! ”

—Laura Malcolm, CEO & Co-Founder, Give InKind


“For us, Brex has been a clear choice. The ability to issue virtual-only cards allows us to issue cards to our global team without worrying about shipping overseas.”

—Laura Malcolm, CEO & Co-Founder, Give InKind

Issue unlimited cards with custom limits and track your team's expenses.

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Career Karma

Career Karma seeks to level the playing field in tech jobs by connecting job seekers with training and job placements that set them up for life. Founded by Ruben Harris, Artur Meyster and Timur Meyster, the Y Combinator startup recently closed a successful Series B backed by Top Tier Capital Partners, Google Ventures, Bronze Venture Fund, SoftBank, and more.

“The Career Karma team is a big fan of the virtual card feature that Brex offers and it is pretty cool for the team to have their own expense management features. Brex was critical in allowing us to test new marketing channels quickly that led us to raising our $40 Million Series B. We are big fans of Brex Cash and the rewards offered from using the card. We highly recommend Brex to all of our colleagues without reservation."

— Ruben Harris, CEO & Co-Founder, Career Karma


"Brex was critical in allowing us to test new marketing channels quickly that led us to raising our $40 Million Series B.”

— Ruben Harris, CEO & Co-Founder, Career Karma

Built-in expense software makes everyone happy.

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AdQuick is a leading OOH advertising platform that makes it easy to plan, buy, and measure every kind of outdoor advertising. The company was founded by Matt O’Connor, Vic Ramon, and Connor Burden in 2016.

They’ve since become trusted by the world’s top brands, with customers that include Carvana, Instacart, Shopify, GoPuff and many more. AdQuick uses Brex Venture Debt as a simple solution for alternative funding, as well as the Brex card for higher credit limits.


“Brex provides additional capital that enables me to further invest in my tech, build out my team, and market my products without being solely reliant upon equity funding.”

—Matthew O’Connor, CEO, AdQuick

Outpace your competition and reach a larger milestone before your next equity raise.

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