For employees

Make it easy to do the right thing—anywhere.

Auto-generate receipts and make it easy to understand your expense policy and the purpose for each type of expense, across cards, reimbursements, and bill pay, no matter where employees work.


First-class mobile app.

Enable global, distributed teams to check spend amounts, expense policies, and card info on the go with our intuitive mobile app.


Auto-generated receipts.

Automatically gather itemized, IRS-compliant receipts via exclusive merchant connections without employees needing to track them.


Policies that make sense.

Employees can see what’s allowed in a few taps (not a 30-page policy), with clawbacks and reimbursements for your peace of mind.


One card for multiple purposes & policies.

Pre-approve spend with custom policies for multiple purposes, from travel to WFH stipend, while still allowing employees to use a single Brex card — in over 100 countries.

Expense policies that are easy to follow.

Your expense policies will be presented visually across cards, reimbursements, and bill pay. So if an employee is booking travel, for example, we’ll show them what type of travel is in policy, enabling compliance from the start.


Receipts are generated auto-magically.

Delight employees and drive compliance by eliminating the need to add receipts for many transactions, through our exclusive card network data and partner integrations.

Global reimbursements in local currency.

Enable employees to spend with confidence by supporting them with rapid reimbursements into their local bank accounts, for the full value of the expense in two days or less.

"All of our Brex Empower participants said, this is how expenses should work. DoorDash wouldn't go back to how we submitted expense reports in the past."

— Mike Kim, VP of Finance

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For controllers

Create a culture of speed and financial discipline.

Gain real-time visibility and accountability, break down silos of separate systems, and give accounting teams more automation and accuracy.

Drive accountability

For managers

Review what matters — manage by exception.

Enable managers to focus on expense policy exceptions and anomalies, and quickly unblock the business on the go, around the world.


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