For controllers

Speed meets financial discipline.

Gain real-time visibility and accountability of global spend, breaking down the silos of separate systems and giving accounting teams more automation and accuracy.


Delegate spending power worldwide.

Create budgets for any purpose in local currency with customized expense policies to enable a culture of trust and financial discipline at scale.


Make compliance easy.

Show employees exactly what’s approved with visual expense policies presented in context, and delight them with automatic receipt generation.


Create one source of truth.

Increase accuracy and speed by integrating financial workflows across geos and teams, from employee onboarding to closing the books.


Pre-approve and delegate spend with budgets.

Create budgets to proactively approve spend for teams, vendors, stipends, and more. Each budget has an expense policy, so it’s easy for employees to comply and reviews aren’t needed on every expense.


Use nested budgets to drive accountability.

Approved managers and leaders can create nested budgets tied to specific purposes with associated spend and policies. This helps all employees understand where and how to spend, and drives accountability throughout the company.


Configure powerful, nuanced expense policies.

Create custom expense policies that promote compliance by embedding detailed T&E rules where you need them, such as only allowing business-class tickets for executives or blocking unwanted vendors and categories.

Global reimbursements in local currency.

Reimburse your employees no matter where they work, in their local currency for the full value of the expense in two days or less, so they can keep your business moving fast — from Miami to Mumbai.

“I was excited to see Brex’s innovative Empower platform that would provide the transparency and compliance we’re looking for company-wide.”

— Mike Kim, VP of Finance


Real-time spend data and reporting.

Why wait until month-end to know how much global teams are spending? Run real-time spend reports across bill pay, cards, reimbursements, and payments — anytime, anywhere.

Streamline workflows end to end.


Simplify global hiring and payroll.

Integrate with your HRIS and import your org chart for faster onboarding and to sync employee details and approval flows across systems. You’ll also be able to hire and pay global teams easily with our Deel integration.

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Close the books faster.

Through intelligent categorization, custom rules, and automatic GL mapping, you can close your books faster and improve visibility and reporting of spend.

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For employees

Make it easy to do the right thing.

Auto-generate receipts and make it easy to understand your expense policy and the purpose for each type of expense, across cards, reimbursements, and bill pay.

Make spend easy

For managers

Review what matters — manage by exception.

Enable managers to focus on expense policy exceptions and anomalies, and quickly unblock the business on the go, around the world.


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