Platform Agreement

Rewards Terms

Revised November 22, 2021

These Rewards Terms govern Company’s participation in the Rewards Program and describe how Company may be eligible for, accrue, earn, redeem, and forfeit Points or Rewards. By opening and maintaining a Brex Account in good standing, Company is automatically enrolled in the Rewards Program. Capitalized terms used in these Rewards Terms have the meanings provided in Section 5, or as defined in the Platform Agreement.

We may update these Rewards Terms at any time by posting an updated version to our legal page. For example, we may:

  • Change the eligibility of certain Brex Accounts or Programs for participation in the Rewards Program
  • Change when, how, and under what conditions you may earn or redeem Rewards or Points
  • Change Multipliers, including eligible categories and definitions of categories
  • Limit accrual and redemption of Points, including through caps, fees, and expiration
  • Restrict or exclude certain types of transactions, purchasing categories, and merchants from accrual of Points
  • Change the availability of, eligibility for, and conditions applicable to Restricted Rewards, Tiers, Multipliers, Perks, Points, or any other aspect of the Rewards Program
  • Terminate the Rewards Program

Available Rewards are subject to change at any time. Some Rewards, such as those relating to travel, cryptocurrency or Perks, may have additional terms and conditions.

You may only participate in the Rewards Program if you accept all of these Rewards Terms. These Rewards Terms are effective when you activate your Brex Account.

1. Earning Rewards

1.1 Requirements and Eligibility for Participation

To participate in the Rewards Program, your Brex Account must be continuously in good standing, you must maintain a Linked Account, and all Users accruing or redeeming Points or Rewards on behalf of Company must be affiliated with Company.

If your Brex Account is not in good standing for any reason, or we determine in our sole discretion that you are abusing, gaming, or misusing the Rewards Program or have otherwise violated our Platform Agreement or any of the terms, agreements, and policies incorporated by reference, you may be ineligible to accrue Points or earn or use Rewards, and you may forfeit any Rewards or Points previously earned or accrued.

Certain Brex Accounts may not be eligible to participate in the Rewards Program. We may update or change eligibility criteria, restrictions, and requirements at any time.

Available Rewards and Perks may vary based on the number or types of Services Company uses, Company’s industry and location, how long Company has been a Brex customer, and other factors determined in our sole discretion. We may otherwise condition, restrict or limit available Rewards and Perks in our sole discretion.

1.2 Accruing Points

You may accrue Points through use of the Services, including bona fide purchases with eligible Cards and other transactions that we specify from time to time. The specific Points you may accrue may be different depending on factors including the Services you use, the Rewards Tiers offered, and your eligibility. We may limit accrual and redemption of Points, including through caps, fees, and expiration.

Certain transactions may be excluded from accruing Points, including cash withdrawals, purchases of prepaid cards and cash equivalents, Fees and Fines on your Brex Account, transactions that are deemed fraudulent, disputed transactions or transactions subject to Chargebacks, and certain other non-Card payment transactions. We may determine that a transaction type, or particular transaction, is excluded from eligibility for Points accrual at any time. Transactions on any Periodic Statement for which payment is delinquent or for which all or a portion of the balance remains outstanding for any reason, may not accrue Points. Points accrued during any statement period may only be awarded upon payment in full of amounts owed to Brex.

1.3 Reversals and Failure to Accrue

The accrual of Rewards or Points may be netted against transaction reversals (such as refunds or chargebacks) or where we determine, in our sole discretion, that the conditions required for accrual of Rewards or Points were not satisfied. If this results in a negative Rewards or Points balance, we may subtract a proportionate number of Points from existing Points balances or any future Points that would otherwise accrue to your Brex Account.

1.4 Rewards Tiers

We may establish Rewards Tiers with separate criteria for participation, and with distinct benefits, such as access to certain Restricted Rewards or different Rewards Multipliers. While we may publicize certain requirements for participation in a Rewards Tier, we will ultimately make independent evaluations as to whether Company qualifies for any given Rewards Tier. We may use any information that you provide to Brex, or that we have access to, when determining qualification for a Rewards Tier and we are under no obligation to disclose the factors taken into consideration when making our determination. Company’s eligibility for a Rewards Tier may be changed at any time in our sole discretion. Please contact us if you believe that you qualify for a specific Rewards Tier.

1.5 Restricted Rewards

Restricted Rewards may only be available to a subset of Brex customers or in limited quantities. For example, a Restricted Reward may provide certain Users satisfying specific requirements the option to attend an event with a limited number of seats. Redemption of a Restricted Reward will depend on the conditions that must be satisfied prior to exhaustion or expiration. You are not guaranteed access to Restricted Rewards, even if the exact number of redemption options or requirements are not communicated to you.

1.6 Additional Rewards Terms

Certain Rewards (including Restricted Rewards, Tiers, and Multipliers) or Points may be subject to additional terms and conditions that will be provided to you if applicable. For example, Brex may determine Rewards or Points redemption ratios and the timing of such redemption. Any Rewards partnerships with Third-Party Service Providers may also be also subject to additional terms and conditions determined by the Third-Party Service Provider. You are responsible for reviewing and understanding any such additional terms and conditions, and we disclaim any liability for claims that may arise in connection with Third-Party Service Providers.

2. Using Rewards

2.1 Points are not Property

Points are not your property. Any Points accrued by Users will be reflected in Company's Brex Account in accordance with these Rewards Terms. Points may only be redeemed by Administrators, and no User is entitled to use any accrued Points other than as approved by an Administrator.

Rewards are not transferable to any third party or any other Brex Account, unless otherwise specified by Brex in any Rewards Program. Any non-permitted attempt to transfer Rewards is void and any Rewards or Points that you attempt to transfer may be forfeited.

2.2 Redeeming Rewards

We display Company’s Rewards, redemption options, and available Perks in your Brex Account. Redemption options are subject to change and are subject to the terms, conditions, and availability of offers by external companies. The value of Points will vary depending on how authorized Users elect to redeem them, or in Brex’s sole discretion in accordance with these Rewards Terms. Rewards offerings with Third-Party Service Providers are not guaranteed and are subject to change or expire, either in Brex’s sole discretion or at the discretion of Third-Party Service Providers, with or without Notice. We or Third-Party Service Providers may condition when and how you can redeem Points or how you may earn Points or Rewards. For example, a Third-Party Service Provider may limit use of a Reward for their products or services to their new, or existing customers, or require use of a Reward before a specific date or impose a limit on the minimum or maximum number of Points that may be used.  Each available Perk may be redeemed only once per Account.

We may limit use or redemption of Rewards, Points, or Perks to specific authorized Users or accounts. You are solely responsible for ensuring that any actions taken by Users to use or redeem Rewards do not violate Company policies or rules and any applicable industry practice, ethical obligations, or laws or regulations applicable to your specific business.

2.3 Redemption Ratios

We may change Points redemption ratios or revoke availability of redemption in our sole discretion with or without Notice.

2.4 Privacy

Users may be required to provide personal information to redeem Rewards, which may be provided to third parties. Users who redeem Rewards or Points provided by Third-Party Service Providers consent to Brex providing personal information for these purposes. Please review our Privacy Policy.

2.5 Taxes

Company understands that it is responsible for determining and obtaining appropriate tax treatment for any Rewards it redeems, and Company is solely responsible for any taxes arising from or related to any earned Rewards. Brex will not report any income or earnings related to Rewards to a taxing authority, except where expressly required by law.

3. Losing Rewards

3.1 Disqualification

You may be disqualified from participating in the Rewards Program if at any time: (a) any payments you owe to Brex are past due, (b) any prior payments were late, (c) you misuse any Services, (d) you engage in self-dealing (such as using Cards to pay for products or services provided by Company, its affiliates, its Beneficial Owners, or other persons affiliated with Company), (e) you engage in other Prohibited Activities found in the Prohibited Activities List, breach of policies or other agreements with Brex, or (f) you attempt to or otherwise game or misuse Rewards, Points, or the Rewards Program. Where we determine, in our sole discretion, that Company no longer satisfies the requirements for participation in the Rewards Program, we may disqualify you and you may lose any Rewards or Points that you may have accrued.

3.2 Payment Failure, Delinquency, Suspension, or Termination

In the event of a (a) payment failure, (b) delinquency, (c) suspension, or (d) termination of your Brex Account, your accrued Rewards or Points may be forfeited, and we may freeze your ability to redeem Rewards. We may refuse any request to use Rewards or Points, or terminate your participation in the Rewards Program if your Brex Account is not in good standing, if any payments are past due, if your Brex Account has been terminated, or if you have otherwise breached any of your obligations under the Platform Agreement and applicable Programs. You may lose all accrued Rewards or Points when your account is terminated, either by you or us. If your Brex Account is delinquent, you do not accrue Rewards or Points.

If you do forfeit Points, we may allow you to regain these Points in our sole discretion, and we may charge a Fee or require you to pay all amounts owed to us, or place other conditions for doing so.

4. General Provisions

4.1 Changes to these Rewards Terms

We may modify these Rewards Terms or provide another agreement governing your use of the Rewards or any portion of them by providing you Notice. Any waiver, modification, or indulgence that we provide to Company, of any kind or at any time, applies only to the specific instance involved and will not act as a general waiver or a waiver, modification, or indulgence under these Rewards Terms for any other or future acts, events, or conditions. Further, any delay by Brex in enforcing our rights under these Rewards Terms does not constitute forfeiture of such rights.

4.2 Termination of the Rewards Program

Brex may terminate the Rewards Program or any Tiers at any time. If Company’s Platform Agreement is terminated, these Rewards Terms will immediately terminate.

4.3 Other Legal Terms

Brex may assign, pledge, or otherwise transfer the administration of these Rewards Terms without providing Notice to you.

You release Brex from all liability for your use of Rewards and for your participation in the Rewards Program. Separately, you release Brex from liability for third party claims in accordance with these Rewards Terms.

5. Defined Terms

Capitalized terms in this Brex Rewards Terms will have the meaning provided in the Platform Agreement or as defined below:

Multipliers means any promotion provided by Brex that applies one or more Point per dollar spent for specific types of transactions on Cards, as determined by Brex.

Perks means certain benefits, discounts or other offers that may be available to participants in the Brex Rewards Program.

Points means a unit that may be accrued or earned in a manner defined by Brex and have no monetary value.

Restricted Rewards means any Reward that is available for a limited time, in a limited quantity, to a certain Rewards Tier, or otherwise in time, scope, or to a subset of Brex customers.

Rewards means Points, Perks, credit, or other benefits conferred by Brex through participation in the Rewards Program.

Rewards Program means the program offered by Brex described on our Rewards page as governed by these Rewards Terms.

Rewards Terms means these Brex Rewards Terms as amended from time to time.

Tier means a status designated by Brex that may include additional benefits, access to exclusive Rewards, or specific Multipliers.