Platform Agreement

Bill Payment Service Terms & Conditions

Revised April 15, 2021

0. Introduction

Company may use Brex’s bill payment feature (“Bill Pay”) to make one-time payments (each, a “Bill Payment”) from their Brex Cash Account to companies or individuals that Company selects (collectively, “Payees”), subject to these terms and conditions (“Bill Pay Terms”) and all other terms and conditions applicable to Company’s Brex Account and use of the Services, including the Platform Agreement.

Bill Pay can be accessed online at the Brex website and is available as part of your Premium Plan. The payment amount for each Bill Payment requested by Company will be debited from your Brex Cash Account immediately upon submission of the Bill Pay request or at the time a scheduled Bill Pay occurs.

These Bill Pay Terms govern Company’s participation in Bill Pay. By opening and maintaining a Brex Account in good standing and using a Premium Plan, Company has access to Bill Pay. Capitalized terms used in these Bill Pay Terms have the meanings provided herein, or as defined in the Platform Agreement.

Read these Bill Pay Terms (and any future modifications) carefully and retain a copy for your records. If you do not agree to the Bill Pay Terms (including all agreements and policies referenced in these Bill Pay Terms or otherwise applicable to use of Bill Pay which are required to be agreed to and accepted before use of such features), you may not use Bill Pay.

We may modify these Bill Pay Terms at any time in accordance with applicable law by posting an updated version to our legal page or otherwise providing you Notice. We may also give you additional Notice of any changes we believe are material in our sole discretion. You agree that you will be deemed to have received Notice of a change in these Bill Pay Terms when the changes or Notice of the change are posted on the Brex website or Brex app, or otherwise delivered. Your continued use of Bill Pay and the Services will serve as your acceptance of any changes to these Bill Pay Terms and incorporated terms, agreements, and policies referenced.

Any waiver or modification that we provide to Company, of any kind or at any time, applies only to the specific instance involved and will not act as a general waiver or a waiver or modification under these Bill Pay Terms for any other or future acts, events, or conditions. Further, any delay by Brex in enforcing our rights under these Bill Pay Terms does not constitute forfeiture of any such rights.

Any current or future claims, disputes or controversy relating to your use of Bill Pay as it relates to our provision of the feature, shall be governed by the terms of the Platform Agreement, which includes an arbitration provision.

Contact Us, us immediately if you believe a Bill Payment from your Brex Account was sent in error.

1. Eligibility for Bill Pay

To use Bill Pay, Company must: (i) have a Brex Account, including a Brex Cash Account, in good standing and on the Premium Plan and (ii) accept and abide by these Bill Pay Terms. Only Company Administrators may use Bill Pay. Users may not use Bill Pay for personal, family, or household purposes.

2. Using Bill Pay

To use Bill Pay, you must provide information online to us to identify the Payee designate and Bill Payment to be delivered. You must provide sufficient information about a Payee to permit us to properly direct a Bill Payment and permit the Payee to identify Company as the payment source upon receipt of an Bill Payment.

You must complete all required fields with accurate information, as indicated in the Bill Pay feature (“Payment Instructions”). By providing us with the Payment Instructions of the Payee to whom Company wishes to direct an Bill Payment, Company authorizes us to follow the Payment Instructions that we receive through Bill Pay. Company further authorizes us to update or change any of your Payee information as requested. When we receive a Payment Instruction, you authorize us to debit Company’s Brex Cash Account for that payment and remit funds to the Payee on your behalf.

You will be provided a confirmation number for each Bill Payment you schedule using Bill Pay. The reference number will help us resolve any questions you may have concerning your transactions.

Bill Payment requests can be scheduled for a future date or be submitted for immediate processing. We have no liability in the event we cannot complete a Bill Payment due to insufficient funds in the Brex Cash Account or the Bill Payment to the Payee being blocked for any reason. We reserve the right, subject to Applicable Law, to change the Bill Pay transaction limits, limit, block or place a hold on certain types of transfers or transactions, limit, suspend or block transfers to particular persons, entities or recipients, or suspend your access to Bill Pay, each in our sole discretion.

3. Accuracy of Information

Company, not Brex, is solely responsible for the accuracy of the Payment Instructions that you provide in connection with each Bill Payment you initiate. Before scheduling any Bill Payment, Company must review the Payment Instructions to ensure correctness. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to cancel any Bill Payment after you have scheduled it. Our ability to process a stop payment request will depend on the payment method and whether or not a check has been processed or cleared. If you want to cancel a Bill Payment after it has been scheduled, please immediately contact Customer Service. Although we will make every effort to accommodate your request, we will have no liability for failing to do so.

4. Bill Payment Methods

Company can choose the method by which an Bill Payment is sent to the Payee. “Cutoff Time” means 2:45 pm Central Time (for Wire Transfers and ACH) and 3:00 pm Central Time (for checks) on any business day and is the time by which you must transmit Payment Instructions to have them considered entered on that particular business day.

  • ACH Electronic Payment: Bill Payments will be processed and sent via ACH electronic payment not later than the second business day after the request and typically delivered to the Payee within 1-3 business days.
  • Paper Check / Regular Mail: Bill Payments will be processed and sent via paper check and regular mail not later than the second business day after the request and typically delivered to the Payee within 3-10 business days. Please note, however, that the actual delivery date of Bill Payments sent via paper check will depend on the mail/courier and is outside of our control. If a Payee fails to negotiate the check within 90 days, we will stop payment on the check and re-credit the Brex Cash Account for the amount of the payment. If a check is returned to us prior to the end of the 90-day period, we will stop payment on the check and re-credit the Brex Cash Account.
  • International Wire: Bill Payments will be processed and sent via international wire not later than the second business day after the request and typically delivered to the Payee within 3-5 business days
  • Domestic Wire: Bill Payments will be processed and sent via domestic wire not later than the second business day after the request and typically delivered to the Payee within 1-3 business days

5. Invoice Scanning

Bill Pay includes an invoice scanning feature (“Invoice Scanning”). To use Invoice Scanning, Company must send or forward an email to the designated Invoice Scanning email address with the invoice as an attached PDF, PNG or JPG file (or other format as we may authorize in our sole discretion). The email with the attached invoice must come from the same email address with which Company logs into its Brex Account. Once Brex receives the invoice to the applicable email address, Brex will automatically populate the Payment Instructions in the Bill Payment form. Company will receive an email from Brex immediately, and it will indicate that the Bill Payment is ready for Company’s review and payment instruction. Company, not Brex, is solely responsible for the accuracy of the Payment Instructions. Before scheduling the Bill Payment, Company must review the Payment Instructions to ensure correctness. If any part of the Payment Instructions is not correct, Company can edit the Payment Instructions form prior to scheduling the Bill Payment.

6. Prohibited Bill Payments

You may not send a Bill Payment to any payee conducting activities prohibited by the Platform Agreement or any other incorporated terms, agreements, and policies.

7. Availability

Bill Pay is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except during maintenance periods or circumstances beyond our reasonable control. Bill Payments are processed in accordance with the timeframes above.

8. Liability

Brex is not responsible or liable for any Bill Payment if: (i) there are insufficient funds in Company’s Brex Cash Account to complete the Bill Payment; (ii) a legal order prohibits withdrawals from Company’s Brex Cash Account; (iii) Company’s Brex Cash Account is closed,has been frozen or suspended, or is otherwise not authorized to debit the corresponding Bill Payment; (iv) Company commits fraud or violates any law or regulation in connection with the Bill Pay; (v) any electronic terminal, telecommunication device or part of the electronic fund transfer system is not working properly, including with respect to clearing and settling functionalities; (vii) you did not provide complete and correct Payment Instructions; (vii) you did not properly follow the instructions or terms and conditions for use of Bill Pay, including without limitation these Bill Pay Terms; (viii) you knew and/or had been advised that Bill Pay was not operating properly at the time you scheduled the Bill Payment; (iix) there is a postal delay; or (xi) circumstances beyond Brex’s control (such as fire, flood or improper transmission or handling by a third party) that prevent, hinder or delay the Bill Payment.