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Switching from Divvy for higher limits and reduced administrative overhead

The Brex Difference

10 minutes

Application Time

3 weeks

Implementation Time

Credit limit, administrative overhead

Pain Points

Paid advertising, travel, subscriptions

Top Spend Categories

Company Info

Darrell Swain, James Gentry, Jeremiah Simpson, Matthew Simpson




San Diego, CA



Employee Count

$5.8M (Seed)



Tiled allows organizations to build microapps for their sales, marketing, and learning content. A microapp is a web-based interactive document that performs like a website or app but requires no code.


Tiled was using Divvy for corporate spending and expense management, but soon after adopting, Tiled CFO, Ethan Christensen, felt that he was not saving time by using the platform.

While all these budgeting features had sounded good on paper, Christensen was finding that his team just didn’t need them. Plus, they kept running into issues with their daily credit limit, which was preventing them from spending when and how they needed.”

More than once my team were forced to use personal cards to cover hotel stays after the Divvy cards decline,” said Christensen. Because of the frequency of these declined transactions, Tiled decided to not use Divvy cards for some of their most important expenses like paid advertising. “We would be several days into the month until we realized Google Ad spend had stopped working.”

“I found myself spending far too much time managing the account than what I was initially expecting. Our cards were constantly declining and our limits were never high enough for what our fast-growing startup needed.” — Ethan Christensen, CFO

Christensen wasn’t actively looking for a new solution when Brex reached out, but after learning more, he decided it could be the right fit to help reduce the administrative overhead he was dealing with.

Brex is ideal for fast-growing startups like Tiled because it is easy to implement and manage day-to-day. Plus, we know how essential a healthy credit limit is to accelerating growth.

“Right away Brex gave us a credit limit that allowed our team to spend in order to meet company goals.”

Now that Tiled is using Brex, Christensen has time back in his day to use on more important work rather than administering their credit card account every day. He has better visibility into how his team spends while worrying less about whether or not his daily limits would be reached.

Plus, all the info he needs is right at his fingertips in the Brex dashboard, without creating more work for him to manage.

“Brex is really good at tracking what we’re buying and presenting it in an easy to understand way. I don’t have to spend hours managing budgets or reviewing transactions like I’ve done in the past.”

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