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Case study / Ecommerce

Sustainable financing for sustainable growth

The Brex Difference

10 minutes

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20 days

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Cash flow management

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Digital ads, Inventory

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Aaron Hoey




San Francisco, CA



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Amour Vert is a sustainable clothing company based in San Francisco that works directly with mills to pioneer new fabrics that are soft, beautiful, and durable.


The brand mission was clear. Demand was rising. And traditional financing options didn’t seem to understand. “The lenders we were reviewing were, first of all, very expensive, minimum 20% interest,” said Dmitri Litin, Amour Vert’s Controller, “and the structure of the loans didn’t match our cashflow management needs.”


As the search continued, Dmitri came upon Brex, and was immediately interested. “60-day float is unheard of, period, let alone with zero interest. And on top of that, it offered the highest limit of any card we’d considered. We sort of didn’t believe it.” After one phone call with Brex’s ecommerce specialists, Dmitri and his CEO, Aaron Hoey, realized that the “hidden catch” they had feared wasn’t coming.

"Brex is perfect for online brands because if offers financial flexibility and high-quality software without a personal guarantee."

The team completed their application in under 10 minutes, had a working virtual card three minutes later, and had shifted all of their digital ad spending to Brex within a few days. “We have never had to worry about hitting a limit, and the insight we have into our payment schedule allows us to easily forecast and spend more time on our acquisition strategy. For us, Brex is peace of mind, and I never thought I’d say that about any finance product.”

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