Brex Unveils ‘Rewind 2020’— a Year in Review for Customers

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It goes without saying, it’s been a tough year for business. But it’s also been a year where we’ve come together to adapt and weather the storm, each making our own impact. 

That’s why we’re especially proud to announce the launch of Brex Rewind this week, a personalized video showing our customers their business wins in 2020. 

For the first time at Brex, customers received an uplifting end of year data story about their company’s growth with Brex and in their communities. 

Inspired by campaigns from Facebook and Spotify, Rewind seeks to delight customers by showing them insights they may not already know, like the amount of restaurants their business supported during a tough year, or exactly how much traveling less reduced their carbon footprint.  

The release coincides with June Sauvaget, former Global Head of Consumer & Product Marketing at Spotify, joining Brex as Chief Marketing Officer last October. 

Sauvaget is known for her work as one of the creative architects behind Spotify Wrapped, the renowned marketing campaign that celebrates listeners’ streaming habits each year. This December, she brought some of her learnings from Wrapped to Rewind. 

“Wrapped is about giving listeners a unique opportunity to discover and share their musical identity,” she said. 

“Rewind is also about discovery and identity, but it’s more about a company’s identity, its milestones and achievements. In both cases, what’s important is that the customer is the central focus. It’s not about Brex, but about them.” 

Rewind was created in one month, and was a significant joint effort between our Engineering, Data, and Marketing teams. 

The idea of introducing a personalized video originated during our annual Brexathon challenge, a week-long event that brings together around 500 employees and produces 30 or so projects, some of which go on to receive funding.

“Rewind was the result of many talented data scientists, engineers, writers, and designers joining forces to empathize with our customers and sort through data to find 2020’s silver linings,” said Derek Stavis, Engineering Manager, one of Rewind’s lead engineers. 

“It’s part of our larger commitment to delighting our customers, showing them their growth, and helping them along the way.” 

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