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A grayed out export button in the Integrations > Review & export section of your dashboard indicates that there’s an error that needs to be addressed before you can export. You’ll see the specific error above the grayed out button.

You Have Invalid Mappings: To resolve, select GL account for transactions.

This error occurs when one or more transactions doesn’t have a general ledger account assigned. To resolve this error, either locate the transaction that is missing the GL account and manually assign one or ensure all categories have a GL account assigned within the Categories tab of the Mapping page.

CX - Invalid Mappings Screenshot

You Have Mapping Conflicts: To resolve, please select the correct category mappings before exporting.

This error occurs when there are conflicting custom rules. These conflicting rules will be flagged on the Review & Export page.You can filter by all conflicting rules by clicking on the filter on the right side of the page.

To resolve this error, you will need to deselect the custom rule that you do not want in place.

CX - Mapping Conflicts

Once these errors have been resolved, the export button will be reenabled.

A grayed out export button in the Accounting > Review & export transactions section of your dashboard indicates that you need to select a transaction before proceeding. Check the box to the left of a single transaction or select all transactions.

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