Why are my account details changing?

To expand our offerings and improve your experience, Brex will partner with Column Bank to provide domestic ACH and wire services. We’ll continue working with our existing banking partners — LendingClub Bank and JP Morgan Chase.  However, as of April 2022, you’ll have new routing and account numbers, as well as a new bank name and address.

Vendors who send or receive payments to or from your Brex account will need to reference these numbers and update existing domestic transfer details.

Note: International transfers will not be impacted.

Once you are notified about your new account details, we recommend you update your information with vendors by June 30, 2022. Transfers made after August 31, 2022 will fail if the account information has not been updated.

Please reach out to any vendors that regularly deposit to or receive recurring payments from your Brex account who may have your previous account credentials on file.

To confirm your new Brex Cash account details, follow these steps: How do I find my account and routing number?.

If you have additional questions, please chat with Brex Support.

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