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Spend requests allow users to submit a request for a vendor card or temporary user limit increase on their corporate cards; admins can approve, deny, or modify these requests.

CX: spend-requests

Setting up spend requests

Admins can set up spend requests for their company by navigating to the Expenses tab and clicking Requests. You’ll be asked to select a primary approver for these requests.

You can change the approver at any time in the future by going to Expenses > Manage settings. Next to Approval rules, click Edit to set a new approver.

For more detailed instructions, please read How do I set up spend requests?.

Set up / edit primary approver

Admins can set up or edit the primary approver by going to Settings > Expenses > Approval rules > Edit.

With Brex Empower, budgets have replaced user limits and vendor cards to guide employee spend. Create a new budget and assign employees by following the steps in How do I create or request a budget?.

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