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You can sign into your Brex account from by clicking Sign in. If you face any trouble while doing this, please follow the steps below depending on your issue.

Forgotten password

Brex users

If you forgot your password, enter the email address you use to sign in to your Brex account on this page and click Submit. We’ll email you a link to create a new password. Note: Entering any email address besides the one associated with your Brex account here won’t work. Please make sure you’ve checked your spam folder. If you still can’t find the password reset email, contact your manager or one of your Brex account or card admins and ask them to send you the password reset link directly.

Brex admins

Managers and account, card, and user management admins can send a password reset link to their team members by going to Team in their dashboard. Select the user’s name and, in the details side panel, click on the security icon in the top right corner. Click Confirm to send a password reset link to the email address associated with that user’s Brex account.

Device verification trouble

Brex uses multi-factor authentication (MFA) to provide an extra layer of security to your account, which includes two-factor verification (2FA) and device verification. To keep your Brex account even more secure, we use device verification. This is a one-time authorization needed for each browser on every device you use to sign in to Brex. Device verification helps make sure that only your approved devices and IP addresses can access your Brex account. If you have problems verifying your device, please troubleshoot using the suggestions below.

SMS or authenticator app verification

If you haven’t received your sign-in security code through SMS, please note:

  • The SMS won’t deliver if cellular data roaming is turned off.
  • The SMS won’t deliver if your device is in airplane mode.
  • Your default 2FA method may be an authentication app. Check your authentication app (e.g., Google Authenticator, Twilio Authy, Okta, Duo, 1Password) for the verification code.

If you have trouble receiving your sign-in security code via an authenticator app:

  • Make sure that your device’s date and time settings are configured to Automatic mode.
    • Authenticator apps generate 2FA codes using the current time on your device, so if the time is set incorrectly, the wrong code will be generated.
  • Double-check that you’re using the code created for Brex (not another platform).
  • Use the recovery code you stored when you enrolled in 2FA by clicking Enter recovery code.
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  • Reset your 2FA by clicking Reset your two-factor authentication (2FA).
    • If you’ve elected to receive SMS codes to complete 2FA, this option won’t be available. Instead, please chat with Brex Support to reset your 2FA.
Email verification

If you have issues receiving the email to verify your device, please try the following:

  • Make sure you’re signing into the email associated with your Brex account.
  • Check with your IT department to make sure your company has allowlisted and
  • Check your spam/trash folder for an email entitled “New sign-in to Brex” or from the sender /
    • If you have filters set up, the email may have been routed to a different folder.
  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies, then sign in again.
  • Click Resend email on the Extra security check screen and give it a few minutes for the email to arrive. If you’ve clicked Resend email multiple times, make sure you are clicking the link in the latest email.
Expired link

If you try clicking the email link to verify your device, only to be told “This link has expired,” please try to:

  • Sign into your Brex account again to restart the process and receive a new verification email.
  • Check other tabs in your browser to see if you already used the link successfully and are signed into Brex.
Device verification incomplete

If you try clicking the email link to verify your device and are brought to a page that says, “We weren’t able to finish verification,” please try the following:

  • Click the link in the verification email from the same device to most recently used to sign in to Brex.
    • If you use a VPN, the verification might fail if the IP address that you signed in from doesn’t match the IP address you opened the email link from.
  • Restart the process by signing into Brex again.

If you get an error saying, “We’re sorry — we’re having trouble,” this means the page has timed out. Please try refreshing the page and entering your sign-in credentials again.

Previously verified device

Even if you clicked Trust this device and verified your device, you may be asked to re-verify. This could occur if you’ve recently cleared your browser’s cache and cookies, if you’re using an incognito or private browsing tab, or if you only chose to trust your device for a single session. You should be able to quickly verify the device again by following these steps: Step 1: When you see Extra security check after signing into Brex, open the inbox of the email address associated with your Brex account and look for an email entitled “New sign-in to Brex.” Step 2: If you want this device to stay verified for approximately one year, click Trust this device. If you want to re-verify upon every sign in to Brex, click Allow once–recommended for public or shared devices.

Browser interference

If the above suggestions don't help, try clearing your browser's cache.

Still having trouble?

If you still have issues receiving the sign-in security code, please contact us for a reset code. To do so, click the chat icon in the bottom-right corner of this page.

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