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How do I ensure successful payments for my Empower invoices?

Autopay is a payment method for Brex Empower subscriptions in which we initiate an ACH debit from your primary account. For all enrolled customers, outstanding payments will be initiated on the enrollment date, and for future invoices, payment will be initiated on the invoice’s due date.

Changing autopay preferences (opting in or out)

Changes to autopay preferences can be made at any time by sending a request to our accounts receivable team.

Step 1: Send an email to expressing your interest in opting in or out of utopay for your Empower invoices.

Step 2: We’ll respond to confirm your request and provide further instructions.

If you have any other questions, is always available to help.

Troubleshooting autopay failures

You can set your company up for successful Empower software payments by following these tips:

  1. Set the correct account as primary: The account that payments will be pulled from should be set as the primary account in your Brex settings.

  2. Ensure sufficient funds: Your primary account should have enough funds in it to cover the total amount of your Empower invoice.

  3. Allowlist Brex account for ACH debits: The Brex account should be allowlisted for ACH debits in your bank settings, allowing Brex to pull payments directly from your account. For more information, please reference this help article.

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