My new routing number isn’t working

Why is this happening?

Brex recently established a new routing number (121145349) to facilitate our communication with different banks and to expedite your transactions. However, this routing number is new and many financial institutions and vendors haven’t updated their Federal Routing Number directories. Brex is actively working with other banks and vendors to ensure that they recognize our routing number.

If you are running into issues, here are a few options for actions you can take to get your bank to recognize the number:

  1. Escalate the issue with your bank or vendor’s support team. Please include this instructional guide for how to resolve the problem.

  2. Connect Brex to your vendor or bank if they are unable to update their Fed directory. Please email your vendor or bank and CC so that we can proactively work with them to resolve this issue.

  3. Provide your account verification letter confirming your account number and routing number to your banking provider.

Please reach out to Brex Support if you have any further questions.

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