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Where is my reimbursement?

After you have submitted your reimbursements, you can track the status of your reimbursement in the Brex dashboard. Go to Expenses and click the reimbursement you would like to track. In the detail pane, if the reimbursement is already approved and is processing, you will see the estimated time of arrival in the blue box:

HC - Reimbursements Where01

The Audit Trail helps you understand if the reimbursement is still pending approvals so you can reach out to your company admin to get more insights on the approval. Under Payment status, you will see if the reimbursement has been initiated to your bank account:

  • Not Paid: Not yet initiated from the company

  • Paid: The reimbursement should have arrived in your bank account

If the reimbursement has been paid, check your bank account for a transaction from your company name. The amount may be higher than your individual reimbursement amount since it will be batched with any other reimbursements that have been paid at the same time. This means that one transaction may include the amounts of multiple reimbursements. Check your email for a breakdown of the total amount into the individual reimbursements that have contributed to the batched payment.

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