• Which accounting softwares does Brex integrate with?

    Brex integrates with the following accounting software. Click the links below for setup instructions: QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Desktop Sage Intacct Expensify NetSuite Xero Concur Pilot CoupaPay Conferma Pay Rippling

  • How does Brex integrate with Rippling?

    The Brex integration with Rippling helps you customize your employee onboarding experience. You can set criteria for employee invites and choose who will be automatically issued a corporate card. You’ll also be able to skip the step of manually assigning employees’ departments and locations since their transactions will automatically be

  • How do I set up the Coupa Pay integration?

    To get started, confirm with your Coupa representative that you are subscribed to the Virtual Card entitlement on Coupa Pay. If not, you can execute an addendum before you can set up the integration.

  • How do I start building on the API?

    Brex admins can get started on the API by visiting Brex for Developers, our documentation hub, and reading through our documentation and example apps. Check your role permissions and if you’re authorized, generate a user token from your Brex dashboard following these instructions.

  • What is the Brex API?

    The Brex API is an automation layer that can be used in the following ways to customize Brex workflows. Budgets API: To view and manage your Brex budgets. Expenses API: To view expense categories, capture, and report on spend.

  • How does Brex integrate with Zapier?

    We want Brex admins to be empowered with workflow automation tools–whether or not you have technical expertise. That’s why we offer a suite of no-code integrations with Zapier that allow you to easily connect your Brex company data to over 4,000 other applications in the Zapier marketplace once you open

  • How do I use custom rules?

    Custom rules can be created for NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Xero, and will allow you to map transactions to a particular category based on different criteria. Options include the merchant, department, amount, date range, and more. Brex admins and bookkeepers can create custom rules by following the steps below.

  • How do I add entities and employees to Brex?

    Brex lets you easily manage all your spend across multiple subsidiaries and countries from a single dashboard. Map your legal* entities in Brex to the correct entities in NetSuite so that you can report and analyze your spend at any level.

  • How do I set up mapping rules to auto-categorize my transactions?

    Mapping rules can be created within the Brex dashboard to automate accounting categorization of transactions — saving hours of time each month and reducing errors. Mapping rules can be set for any accounting fields brought in directly from your accounting software or custom fields created in the Brex dashboard.

  • Do I need to update my account details with Gusto?

    Following the change to account details for Brex business accounts, your account details will need to be updated in Gusto, so as not to disrupt your workflow. You can find your new Brex business account information by following the steps here: How do I find my account and routing number?.

  • How do I connect Brex to Deel?

    Make instant payments using our integration with Deel. Connect your Brex business account by following the steps below and start making faster payments — worldwide. Step 1: On the Deel homepage, select the contract from the Contracts menu or click Pay from the homepage icon.

  • How do I initiate the Conferma Pay integration?

    To get started, confirm with your TMC representative that you’re subscribed to virtual card payments through Conferma. If not, you’ll need to execute an addendum before you can set up the integration.

  • Accounting tab guide

    To enable the Accounting tab on Brex Empower, please contact Brex Support to confirm your eligibility. Once enabled, follow the guide below to get started. Accounting fields Accounting fields are under Accounting > Manage accounting fields > Accounting fields.

  • HRIS integration guide

    HRIS (Human Resources Information System) is a software solution that helps organizations manage and streamline their HR processes. Today, Brex supports 40+ HRIS integrations that customers can connect with — a list which we’re continually adding to. Supported providers include Workday, Gusto, and BambooHR.

  • How do I disable my existing integration and set up a new one?

    Brex admins and bookkeepers can disable the existing integration between Brex and their accounting software by following the steps below. Step 1: Click Integrations on the left side of your Brex dashboard. Step 2: Click Manage under your active integration. Step 3: In the top-right corner of the page, click Settings.

  • How do I recategorize a transaction before exporting?

    Admins and bookkeepers can recategorize transactions from two places in the Brex dashboard: the Company transactions under the Card tab, or Review & Export pages under the Integrations tab. Please do this before exporting to your ERP or accounting software.

  • Why is the export button grayed out for my integration?

    A grayed out export button in the Integrations > Review & export section of your dashboard indicates that there’s an error that needs to be addressed before you can export. You’ll see the specific error above the grayed out button.

  • How do I export my Brex transactions to my active integration?

    As an admin or bookkeeper, you are able to export transactions to your active integration by following the steps below: Step 1: Click Integrations on the left side of your Brex dashboard. Step 2: Click Manage under the active integration to which you want to export.

  • How do I connect my HRIS to Brex?

    Before connecting, please make sure that you have admin access to your company's Brex account and your HR system's top-level admin account — both are needed to initiate the connection. Admins can sign in to the Brex dashboard and follow these steps to connect their HRIS to Brex: Step 1:

  • How do I set up the Pilot integration?

    Pilot will set up the automatic feed of Brex transactions into QuickBooks Online as part of the bookkeeping process. If you don’t already have a Pilot account, you can sign up here. Requirements You must be a Pilot customer using bookkeeping services.

  • How do I create a merchant rule?

    Merchant rules are a type of mapping whereby a particular merchant is mapped to a preferred GL account that lives within your chart of accounts. They can be mapped for the following integrations: NetSuite, QuickBooks, Sage Intacct, and Xero.

  • What is category mapping?

    Category mapping is the matching of Brex’s default 48 categories with a corresponding general ledger (GL) account in your accounting software. Brex automatically categorizes your transactions, however, you can customize the mapping by going to Integrations > Manage > Categories in your Brex dashboard.

  • How do I set up the 1Password integration?

    1Password Teams or Business customers can connect their accounts with Brex to make online checkouts easier, faster, and more secure. Brex admins can generate, access, and autofill Brex cards right from the 1Password browser extension.

  • How do I refresh updated categories within Brex?

    Brex admins and bookkeepers can refresh your updated GL accounts within Brex by performing the following actions. Step 1: Click Integrations on the left side of your Brex dashboard. Step 2: Click on Manage under your active integration. Step 3: Click Settings in the upper right corner.

  • Why are some of my GL accounts missing?

    General Ledger accounts show up on the Brex Dashboard when you integrate with an accounting software like Xero, Sage Intacct, Quickbooks Online, or NetSuite. These GL accounts are pulled over from the accounting software so you can map your transactions accordingly.

  • How do I set up the Sage Intacct integration?

    Admins and bookkeepers can integrate their Brex account with Sage Intacct by following the steps below. Step 1: Ensure that you have full admin access to Sage Intacct. Step 2: Click Integrations on the left side of your Brex dashboard.

  • Universal CSV integration guide

    Brex’s Universal CSV exporting lets you create fields and field values within Brex that can be leveraged for mapping purposes — including GL account, department, class, vendor, project, etc. You can then export transactions into a CSV file and import them into your accounting software.

  • What is the AngelList integration and how do I set it up?

    AngelList is a suite of tools that allows you to manage your company’s incorporation, cap table, fundraising, and employees all in a single location. If you’re a current AngelList customer, you can set up your AngelList account to work in conjunction with your Brex account by following the steps below.

  • Coupa integration guide

    Brex’s integration with Coupa Pay allows you to provision Brex virtual cards for approved POs and Invoices without leaving Coupa. This results in greater efficiency, control, and visibility over your business spend.  Through the integration, Coupa will generate a virtual card using Brex APIs and will securely send the virtual

  • How do I enable OpenID Connect (OIDC) SSO?

    Contact Support Step 1: Sign in as an admin to your IdP console. Step 2: Follow your IdP guidelines to create a Web OIDC application or client. Enter this redirect URL: Step 3: As an admin, contact Brex Support at or through Live Chat on the dashboard.

  • What is the Brex browser extension?

    Add the Brex extension to your browser to quickly view card details and upload receipts while making online purchases. The extension lets you take a screenshot of your receipt page and attach it to the transaction with one click. Download the browser extension here for Chrome.

  • How does Brex integrate with Conferma Pay?

    Conferma Pay is a payments platform that connects businesses and suppliers for digitized commerce. In the travel space, Conferma Pay connects with more than 700 travel management companies, all the major global distribution systems and over 100 online booking solutions to integrate virtual cards into point of sale.

  • How does Brex integrate with Sage Intacct?

    The Sage Intacct integration is one of our many accounting integrations that improve reporting accuracy and accounting control, saving finance teams hours each week. Brex integrates with Sage Intacct through a CSV export–including basic transaction details, category mappings, receipts, departments, location, and memos, etc.

  • How does Brex integrate with Coupa Pay?

    Brex’s integration with Coupa Pay allows you to provision Brex virtual cards for approved POs and Invoices without leaving Coupa. This results in greater efficiency, control, and visibility over your business spend.

  • How do I set up the Workday integration?

    Workday configures their permissions on a field level, so we’ll need access to a number of fields to get things up and running. To integrate your Workday account with Brex, please follow the steps below.

  • How do I connect Brex to Concur?

    Please work with a Concur Client Success Manager to set up an automatic feed of Brex transactions into Concur. Connecting to Concur Step 1: Email your Concur Client Success Manager or to request a new feed for Brex.