Information Surrounding Evolve Bank & Trust

We are aware of a recent cybersecurity attack impacting Evolve Bank & Trust resulting in a data breach that exposed Evolve Bank & Trust customer information. Brex does not partner with Evolve, and Brex was not affected by the recent security breach.

If you ever transacted with a company that uses Evolve, such as Mercury, TabaPay, or Melio, we are taking steps to protect you. As a precautionary measure, Brex has escalated our comprehensive monitoring for unusual transactions, including for customers who may have been affected. If you identify any unusual transactions or would like to have a list of your historic ACH debit counterparties, we recommend that you contact Brex Support. You can learn more about how Brex protects your accounts at

As a reminder, the Brex business account is built to safeguard your funds. Brex offers a comprehensive cash management suite including a Treasury account through Brex’s licensed broker dealer Brex Treasury, LLC and a Checking account provided by Column Bank NA, Member FDIC. Brex also enables customers to sweep funds to a Vault with FDIC-insured banks with up to $6 million of FDIC insurance. Evolve Bank & Trust has never been a partner in Brex’s product suite, nor has it been a program bank in Brex’s Vault offering (see our program banks here: program banks).

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