I have questions about changes to domestic transfer details

What changes are happening?

As of April 2022, Brex will partner with Column Bank to provide domestic ACH and wire services. This will enable us to expand our offerings in the near future and improve your overall experience. As a result, you’ll have a new routing number, account number, bank name, and bank address to use for domestic transfers.

You can find more information here: Why are my account details changing?.

Why is Brex migrating?

Brex occasionally makes updates to improve our operational efficiency as we scale. Column Bank enables Brex to provide the best service to our customers.

For more information, read Why are my account details changing?.

How does it impact my company and vendors?

You will need to update your Brex Cash account number, routing number, bank name, and bank address with any vendors that pull or push funds via domestic ACH and wire transfers to or from your Brex Cash account.

If your vendors use the old transfer information after August 31, 2022, the transfer won’t go through successfully. You’ll need to reinitiate the payment with your new account information.

What type of transactions warrant action from me?

Payment type
Transactions initiated by apps, vendors, and contacts to Brex
Transactions initiated by you from Brex


No action required

No action required


Please make updates with your app, vendor, and contacts

No action required

Domestic wire

Please make updates with your app, vendor, and contacts

No action required

International wire

No action required

No action required

What action do I need to take?

Beginning April 2022, you’ll receive new transfer information, including routing and account numbers, as well as a new bank name and address. You’ll need to reach out to any vendors that may be using your old account information and make sure that they update it. Any transfers made using your old account information will fail after August 31, 2022.

To refresh external account connections to Brex Cash via Plaid, Finicity, or Teller, please disconnect and reconnect to update the new account details 1 day after receiving your new account details. After you’ve completed this, the account details shown in the external account might take up to a day to reflect accurately.

Will my previous statements be affected?

Statements from before April 2022 will reflect your previous account details. Once you receive your new account details, you’ll see those appear on statements going forward.

Where can I see my new payment details?

You can access your new payment details by going to Transactions and clicking View details under Account details. Click Details PDF to download a page of instructions to provide to your vendors.

How can I update my payment details securely with my vendors?

You will be able to update your payment details through your vendor-specific portals. We encourage you to reach out to your vendors if you have any outstanding questions.

What happens if simultaneous payments are going to my old and new account/routing numbers?

Incoming transfers can be made to your new or old account details up until August 31st, 2022. After this date, transfers using your old information will fail — including recurring payments. In preparation for this, please update your account details with vendors prior to the cutoff date.

Are domestic ACH and wire transfers still free?

Yes, you can send and receive domestic wire and ACH payments without any Brex fees. The recipient’s financial institution may charge a receipt fee.

What happens if my new routing number does not work?

If you run into errors when trying to transfer funds using your new account and routing number, see this guide: My new routing number isn’t working.

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