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As a Brex user, you can request vendor cards directly within your Brex dashboard. The request will go to either your account admin, card admin, or assigned manager for approval.

Note: Account or card admins will need to go to Expenses > Requests, click Enable card requests, and complete the workflow before their employees can submit vendor card requests.

Step 1: Go to Card > Manage cards.

Step 2: Clicking Get a new card in the top-right corner and, from the options presented, choose Request a vendor card.

Note: if a company hasn’t opted into spend requests and you’re designated as a “non-corporate card” user, then you won’t see the Get a new card button. This is because your company currently doesn’t allow non-admins to request vendor cards.

Step 3: Fill out all the necessary information, including the requested Spend limit, the Reason for the card, and the Card lock date.

Step 4: Click Next and then Submit. Your request will appear as a request for your account admin, card admin, or manager to review and approve.

You no longer need to have an individual card for each vendor. Instead, one card can be used for multiple vendors by utilizing budgets. If you have multiple vendors you need to pay, creating multiple vendor budgets works similarly to the vendor card functionality.

You can issue a vendor card by creating a budget and tying a virtual card to that budget. You can read more about this in this help article about requesting a Brex card.

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