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As a Brex user, you can request vendor cards directly within your Brex dashboard. These will then go to either your admin or your assigned manager for approval.

Note: Admins will need to go to Expenses > Requests, click Enable card requests, and complete the workflow before their employees can submit vendor card requests.

Step 1: Go to Card > Manage cards.

Step 2: Clicking Get a new card in the top-right corner and, from the options presented, choose Request a vendor card.

Note: if a company hasn’t opted into spend requests and you’re designated as a “non-corporate card” user, then you won’t see the Get a new card button. This is because your company currently doesn’t allow non-admins to request vendor cards.

Step 3: Fill out all the necessary information, including the requested Spend limit, the Reason for the card, and the Card lock date.

Step 4: Click Next, followed by Submit.

Your request will now appear as a request for your admin or manager to review and approve.

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On Brex Empower, budgets have replaced vendor cards.  You can create budgets to guide employee spend by following the steps in How do I create or request a budget?.

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