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As an account admin, card admin, or manager, you might receive requests from your employees for new vendor cards or user limit increases. These can be viewed and approved using the following instructions.

For account/card admins

You can navigate to the Requests page to manage employees' requests for vendor cards, temporary user limit increases, and reimbursements. You can also search for requests using the search bar above the tables and filter requests by the date they were submitted.

For efficiency, you can bulk approve multiple requests, as well as view requests pending another approval.

For managers

Managers can be account admins, card admins, or employees and are able to see other employees’ requests if they are specifically listed as an approver. Managers have the same capabilities as an account or card admin does in terms of approving requests. Their direct reports’ requests can be viewed under Requests > Team requests.

On Brex Empower, budgets have replaced user limits and vendor cards. To learn more about how budgets work, please read How do I create or request a budget?.

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