How does Brex integrate with Conferma Pay?

Conferma Pay is a payments platform that connects businesses and suppliers for digitized commerce.

In the travel space, Conferma Pay connects with more than 700 travel management companies, all the major global distribution systems and over 100 online booking solutions to integrate virtual cards into point of sale.

Brex’s integration with Conferma Pay allows your travel management company to provision Brex virtual cards for hotel bookings and other travel spend on your employees’ behalf.

Conferma Pay acts as an intermediary platform between Brex and your travel management company. To make a booking, your TMC will request a card with the necessary specifications, and through the integration, Conferma will generate the virtual card programmatically using Brex APIs. Once generated, the card details and transaction history will also be visible on the Brex dashboard under the relevant account or card admin’s account.

See a list of supported TMC partners here or by emailing

What are the benefits of using Brex with Conferma Pay?

Conferma Pay integrates with most major travel management companies, allowing you to extend Brex virtual card capabilities directly into the point of sale through your chosen TMC.

Are there fees associated with the integration?

No, Brex does not charge any fees for the Conferma Pay integration. Please contact your TMC directly to inquire about any relevant fees charged by the TMC.

Does the integration work with Empower?

Yes, Brex’s Empower implementation consultant will help you create a Conferma Pay procurement budget on Brex.

When your TMC creates a virtual card using the Conferma Pay integration, it will automatically appear in the Brex dashboard, nested under that procurement budget. That's it — no further action required.

Important: When you create the API token to set up the integration, please select Read/Write permissions under Budgets in addition to the other permissions.

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