How do I update my routing number with eBay?

We recently transitioned to a new partner bank, Column National Association, so all Brex business accounts have new routing and account numbers. If you’re having issues updating your Brex business account details on your eBay account, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Sign in to your eBay account and navigate to the Payments tab.

Step 2: Click Manage on the old Brex/Radius payment option.

Step 3: Click Delete in the lower-right corner of the Brex/Radius payment option.

Step 4: View your payment information and click Delete.

Step 5: Following this, you’ll be prompted to add a new bank account. Click Add.

CX - Ebay 02

Step 6: Input your new Brex routing and account numbers. You can use How do I find my account and routing number? to find these.

Step 7: Continue through the verification and confirmation flow until you receive a message confirming payment information.

CX - Ebay 01

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